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Leaked Apple injuries report hints at AR glasses


Google Glass wasn't meant to be a big success... yet.
What will Apple's AR glasses look like?
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New clues about prototype products Apple is currently testing may have just been revealed by leaked documents originating from Apple’s Cupertino campus.

A report on Apple compiled by an Environment Health and Safety contractor has reportedly leaked online today. Inside the report are over 70 different incidents that occurred on the campus. Most of the incidents in the report are fairly ordinary, but a couple entries hint at Apple developing augmented reality glasses.

The incident report was mistakenly sent out on April 14 to hundreds of Apple employees. It eventually found its way into the hands of Gizmodo which combed through all the entries and found a few tantalizing bits.

Augmented Reality Injuries

Titled “Impact Descriptions Reported in [Santa Clara Valley] from Last Month,” the report seems to confirm that Apple is testing headsets that overlay 3D images directly on your eyeball. The following entry from a report filed on February 21st involving a prototype unit at Apple’s De Anza office in Cupertino:

“After BT4 user study, user advised study lead, that she experienced discomfort in her eye and said she was able to see the laser flash at several points during the study. Study lead referred her to optometrist and secured prototype unit for analysis.”

There are no definitive details about the prototype, but it’s pretty safe to say it’s not an iPhone with lasers. Another report from March 2 complains about a prototype causing eye problems.

“Employee reported eye pain after working with new prototype, thought it may be associated with use. He noticed that the security seal on the magenta (outer) case had been broken and had thought the unit may have been tampered with.”

Apple reportedly has a team of hundreds of engineers developing both augmented reality and virtual reality headsets. Tim Cook said he’s more bullish on AR. Some analysts expect the iPhone 8 to be the first Apple product with some augmented reality powers.

It’s hard to get a good idea of what prototype products Apple has in development based on the injury reports alone. But it sounds like Apple is doing more than just creating a prettier version of Google Glass.