PornHub’s new AR app makes your nude pics safe for work


Pornhub image
TrickPics takes the 'N' out of 'NSFW' pics.
Photo: PornHub

Sending a saucy pic to a significant will no longer put your naughty bits in danger of being exposed to the entire internet, thanks to a new app from PornHub.

The new app called TrickPics taps into the power of augmented reality to cover up your private parts. It’s basically like Snapchat lenses, only instead of turning your face into a cute puppy, it turns package into a Christmas gift box.

TrickPics comes with a number of different animations for both men and women to choose from for both men and women. Women get options like ‘knock knockers’ up to and ‘Instaclam’ down below. Men only get lower options like ‘trouser snake’ and ‘big blimpin’, but their are 15 total to choose from.

All photos are stored directly on your phone so you don’t have to worry about someone hacking the cloud and dispersing your pics. Videos and more 3D stickers are coming to the app soon.

TrickPicks is available now on both iOS and Android for free.