NVIDIA’s insane Titan Xp card brings Pascal graphics to Mac


Expensive isn't the word.
Expensive isn't the word.

NVIDIA just unveiled its insanely powerful Titan Xp graphics card, and for the first time, it brings award-winning Pascal-powered GPUs to the Mac.

Powered by the company’s latest architecture, the Titan Xp boasts even more cores, faster clock speeds, and ample memory. But it does not come cheap.

NVIDIA introduced us to Pascal with its GTX 10 Series last May, and PC gamers have been blown away by them. They’re significantly faster and more powerful than 9 Series cards, and they’re even more affordable. The only problem is, they’re not Mac-compatible.

That changes with the Titan Xp, the mother of all 10 Series cards. It’s got 12GB of GDDR5X memory running at a staggering 11.4 Gbps, and 3,840 CUDA cores clocked at 1.6GHz. All of this makes the Titan Xp capable of a mouth-watering 12 teraflops of “brute force.”

In simple terms, the Titan Xp is the fastest, most powerful consumer graphics card available today. It will play the very latest titles in 4K without breaking a sweat, drive as many 4K monitors as you can plug into your PC, and deliver stunning virtual reality experiences with ease.

What’s more, the Titan Xp is open to the Mac community. NVIDIA confirms it will be releasing new beta Pascal drivers for macOS this month, allowing fans to build their own Pascal-powered Mac rigs. And you’d better have plenty of cash.

Titan Xp is available to order now from NVIDIA.com — and it costs $1,200. That’s $100 more than an entire 21.5-inch iMac.

NVIDIA’s decision to bring Pascal graphics to the Mac comes at an interesting time. Earlier this week, Apple announced it is finally designing an all-new Mac Pro — one with a modular design that better meets the needs of pro consumers.

A modular design suggests a more traditional desktop form factor — like the old Mac Pro — which allows users to upgrade components themselves. If that’s the case, you could soon be installing a Titan Xp in a Mac that you didn’t hack together yourself from scratch.

  • Furutan

    I remember $3,500 cards, so $1,200 is reasonable. The only question I have is how does this card perform in areas other than rendering polygons.

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  • Costa K

    Um, so which Mac does one exactly slot this into?

    • Office NInja

      Ummm a Hackintosh?