Middle East airlines lend iPads to skirt tablet ban


Airlines are offering loaner laptops on flights from the Middle East.
Airlines are offering loaner laptops on flights from the Middle East.
Photo: Qatar Airlines

Two airlines from the Middle East are coming to the rescue of fliers that have been effected by President Donald Trump’s recent executive order banning the use of tablets and laptops on flights to the United States.

Both Qatar Airways and Etihad Airways launched new electronics loaner programs for passengers this week, giving customers the option to rent an iPad while their own device is safely stored inside checked baggage.

The Trump administration banned tablets and other electronic devices larger than a smartphone earlier this week. The U.K. quickly followed suit. 

A terrorist plot in which explosives would be hidden inside an iPad and later detonated was cited as the reason for the ban by the U.S. and U.K. governments.

Qatar Airlines revealed today that it purchased laptops available for loan on all of its U.S. flights, giving customers uninterrupted productivity while flying. The loaner laptops will be available to all business class passengers traveling to the United States starting next week. To get one, you just request a device from the flight attendants.

Along with free laptops, Qatar is also giving out one free hour of Wi-Fi to all passengers. You can get Wi-Fi for the entire flight for just $5.

Ethihad Airways is giving Wi-Fi away too. It is also loaning iPads to business class passengers when they check in their tablets.

Via: The Verge