This is the (RED) iPhone 7 Apple should have made


It looks way better with a black front.
It looks way better with a black front.
Photo: Benjamin Geskin/Twitter

Apple shocked no one this morning by announcing a new special edition (PRODUCT) RED version of the iPhone 7, but not everyone is in love with the new color.

iPhone lovers took to Twitter to complain about the new color scheme that features a red anodized aluminum shell and a white front glass panel. To show how much better the device could have looked, one concept designer created some mockups of what it would be like with a black front and we’ve got to say, this would’ve been so much better.

Here’s another angle:

iPhone 7 mockup
Darth Vader would love this iPhone.
Photo: Benjamin Geskin

Designer Benjamin Geskin’s concept looks absolutely amazing. Hopefully Apple will take it to heart for future versions (RED) versions of Apple products.

The (RED) iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus will be available to order on Friday, March 24. This is the first time Apple has released an iPhone under the (RED) banner.

All of the internal components on the special edition (RED) iPhone 7 are the same as on the colors Apple introduced last year. Prices on the new devices are not the same though. A 32GB option isn’t available so you have to pay $749 for a 128GB iPhone 7, and $869 for a 128GB iPhone 7 Plus.

  • jameslahara

    I think it looks way better with a white front.

    • robert.vandyke

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  • Alastair Clark

    Shut up and take my money

  • Duel

    Well this is just matter of taste, but the white front looks lot more fresh, im fan of black and always had black iPhone, but with the red white just looks a lot better.


    So cool

  • Alexandre Mouchotte

    I guess you can always replace the screen for a black one

    • mikes

      And what about the white home ‘button’ (and Touch ID?) :(

      • Alexandre Mouchotte

        There is no more physical home button on the iphone 7 :) Replacing the screen replaces everything. But you need to find an official black iphone 7 replacement screen if yo want to keep touch id working.

  • kavok

    So when it boots, does it display a red apple on a white background?

  • mrbelding_0U812

    This is such a sad pathetic scam. You pay a $100 bucks more for this color and in turn apple will contribute a “portion” (less than a dollar per sale as this is the typical amount when promoting a program such as this) to random AIDS charities…AND anyone who buys this color can show everyone around them how amazing they are and how much they care about people and the AIDS!. Self serving AND a true sales scam…win/win

    • OUfan08

      Actually it’s the same price as the other 128 gb and 256 gb 7 Plus phones.

      • mrbelding_0U812

        You are correct, i should have stated that the “$100 more” is in regards to apple discontinuing the lesser expensive versions for the Red series and you are forced to buy an larger capacity version of the phone.

      • OUsooner08

        Nope again. They didn’t retire any lesser expensive versions as this phone just came out in red.

  • OUfan08

    I got the Product red phone this morning, I came from the matte black phone, personally I like the white face.