2017 iPhone might look a lot like the original


The original iPhone was one of the best looking iPhones.
The original iPhone was one of the best looking iPhones.
Photo: Apple

The next iPhone might take some major design cues from the original iPhone, according to the latest rumor out of Asia, which claims the iPhone 8 will have a “water drop design.”

Industry analysts that spoke with Korean news site ETNews say Apple plans to make the back of the next iPhone more rounded. Instead of using a metal case, the new design will supposedly use a “three-dimensional glass” material, giving it a more gentle feel.

Are you ready for a glass iPhone?

By using an all-glass body, Apple will be able to bring back the deep curves featured on the original iPhone and iPhone 3G/3Gs. Apple switched to a flat, industrial look with the iPhone 4, but brought back some curves with the iPhone 6’s sleek aluminum body.

Recent rumors have claimed the iPhone 8 will feature a curved OLED display. Sources that ETNews talked to, though, say the curve on the front will be relatively flat, more like the iPhone 7’s display instead of the Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge.

Apple supposedly has a number of different curved iPhone models in testing. Samsung is set to provide the OLED panels for the 5.8-inch iPhone 8, but the smaller two new iPhones may use LED screens similar to current models.

Other rumored features for the iPhone 8 include wireless charging, facial recognition, Touch ID embedded in the display, improved cameras and a bezel-free design. The new iPhone lineup is expected to be announced at an event this fall.

  • Furutan

    What I want is the shape used in the 3 / 3s. https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/f762c76f1fabb1b1b15f0cca23f33e13a2044acd209983e4e5d6dd529dbbd84a.jpg The back had a smooth, deep curve all around and was extremely comfortable in your front pants pocket. Thanks to the curve, nobody would notice it and thanks to the shape it slipped into and out of the pocket almost by gravity. You didn’t have to push it down.

    When they came out with the iPhone 4 it felt awful in comparison – it had hard 90º edges and it didn’t nest into the palm of your hand and so it was not as easy going in or out of the pocket. The 6 is not easy to hold – and the 6Plus is almost impossible to use one-handed.

    The problem with the curved design is that it was not an efficient shape for internal components. With square or rounded edges they could fit at least 30% more into the save overall dimensions. If Apple made a curve backed phone I’d buy it. As is, I’m not going to spend that kind of coin on a new phone.

    • ukw

      Yes, the 3gs was a nice phone. The only think I don’t like about it now it’s the 4:3 screen.

  • Ken626

    I want a Bezel-Less iPhone 8 with an Amoled screen,if Apple makes their next premium iPhone 8 like the first design I will stick with my iPhone 6S Plus 64gb.