MacHeist Tweaks Gruber With Safari Extension Adding Comments to Daring Fireball



Responding to pundit John Gruber’s ongoing debate about website comments, our friends at MacHeist have just launched a Safari extension that adds comments to Gruber’s Daring Fireball site.

The DaringFireballWithComments extension can be found here. Simply download and double-click to install (Make sure you enable extensions in Safari first).

“Get ready for round two,” says John Casasanta, co-founder of MacHeist, who in February launched, a website that briefly mirrored Gruber’s site with, you guessed it, comments.

The site was up for a few days before it was taken down at Gruber’s insistence. It faced a lot of criticism for violating Gruber’s copyrights. However, the Safari extension skirts such issues.

“We’re totally clear this time,” said Casasanta via IM. “We’ll keep this running forever.”

For the last couple of days, Gruber has been debating website comments with writers Joe Wilcox and Ian Betteridge, among others.

“Comments, at least on popular websites, aren’t conversations,” writes Gruber. “They’re cacophonous shouting matches. DF is a curated conversation, to be sure, but that’s the whole premise.”

Not any more.