Apple should steal every idea from this amazing iOS 11 concept video


The iPad needs support for multiple users.
The iPad needs support for multiple users.
Photo: Jacek Zięba

Now that we know the date for Apple’s Worldwide Developers Conference, it’s officially time to start dreaming of new features that should be added to iOS 11.

Concept designer Jacek Zięba kicked off the dreamfest with one of the coolest iOS concept videos we’ve seen in a while. Check it out:

Zięba’s video packs a ton of new features users have been wanting. Everything from Dark Mode, multiple users, split-screen iPhone, Siri Assistant and Group FaceTime calls need to be stolen by Apple.

Apple recently revealed that WWDC 2017 will run from June 5 to June 9 at the McEnery Convention Center in San Jose, California. Developers can apply for tickets starting March 27. Students can apply for WWDC 2017 scholarships, which will include free lodging for winners, on the same day.

Along with unveiling the newest version of iOS, Apple is expected to announce macOS 10.13, tvOS 11, watchOS 4 and new software tools for developers.

  • Anthony Velazquez


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  • Rick Ludwig

    It wouldn’t be stealing because none of these are original.

    • jOn Garrett

      Spilt screen is years old. Multiple users already available on my Galaxy Tab S2, Dark mode is years old. I don’t use Skype but I think I read somewhere that it had group video.

      I hate to be the one to remind you that everything “new” in iOS and on iPhones is never new, it’s years old features that are new to iOS users.

  • Jaca Paladium

    Apple has no ear. Apple is not capable to listen anybody else. Always was arrogant in this sense, but now the real genius is dead and Tim is a disgrace. Now more than ever, Apple should be open for external ideas.

    • Feanor22

      Pretty harsh to call Tim a “disgrace”, but I agree he’s not an innovator. I mean, it’s impossible to follow Jobs in that regard, but he could have done a lot better now than a dumb watch and upgraded versions of all their existing products (not even good upgrades in all cases – see: gimmicky, expensive, underpowered Macbook Pro). I think Tim being from the operations side has focused on keeping the huge company reliable in shipping, logistics, timely releases, and so on (oh, and PROFIT), but the innovation and even the legendary Quality Control and perfectionism has gone out the door. I feel like every new system update or hardware upgrade is a beta product for awhile. Never used to be like that.

      • Jaca Paladium

        I bought a refurbished macbook air yesterday…to replace my current macbook pro with touch bar. Also, I sold my LG 38 inch usb-c monitor 2 days ago. To buy an used Apple Led Cinema Display. Yes. I’m stepping back on my stuffs. at least in UK, discontinued, but new apple products is being sold more expensive than Apple Store used to buy. I noticed this.

  • leart

    nice presentation for a single person.. but there’s nothing from apple perfectionist design..
    they have probably the best design team ever :)

  • GabrielSC319

    Holy fuck, this is not iOS, it’s Android. If Apple gets all these “innovative” and “brilliant” ideas, you guys would probably be paying $2000 per iPhone, as apple would need the money to fight back all the lawsuits from Google.

    • jOn Garrett

      That’s always the case, has been since iOS 7.

  • Rammy

    Not quite sure what the Siri Assistant is offering in this video.

  • Feanor22

    Most of these should be adopted, yes. So should a lot of other features. Apple isn’t big on letting us go into Settings and changing basic looks and behaviors, it likes to keep everyone’s UI/UX the same (or very similar). I can understand this from a troubleshooting standpoint, as well as non-tech savvy peeps learning a smartphone, but as an iPad Pro 12.9″ and iMac user, it’s frustrating not to see more customization & power user options. Why does my huge iPad homescreen have fewer icons than an iPhone 7 Plus? Why is there no good way of really sorting/renaming/organizing into folders all the apps I have (have to hold and drag each one… unless you use iTunes to do it, but iTunes SUCKS). I really just use my iPhone 6 as a phone and a music player, but I’m on my iPad constantly, and it’s ridonkulous that there are very few iPad-specific features in iOS. Especially on the Pro! Yeah, there’s split screen and picture in picture and a few other things, but not much as far as, you know, PRO features. Even the multitasking is still half-assed. C’mon Apple, if you’re gonna roll out products and call them “Pro”, the software has to gain some powerful, non-newbie features too. It’s nice to have a big screen and fast chips, but it’s still essentially a giant iPhone, and it needs to be more like an MS Surface (but not running Winblows). That’s what I envisioned when I spend about a GRAND to get one. That’s without the pencil, a case, a keyboard…what Pro isn’t going to want all those things? Throw them in and charge a little more, but don’t extort us. Also there’s no enough to distinguish the Pro pads from the normal ones. Mostly price, lol. As far as macOS, that’s a whole other post – I hate the way it’s being dumbed down too, but that’s off topic here.

  • Marc Gatland

    iPad needs split screen in portrait mode that allows above and below – not simply side by side.
    The side by side should be reserved for landscape mode only.