Incredible Logan poster painted on iPad Pro towers over Times Square


This Logan promo poster clawed its way from an iPad Pro to New York City's Times Square.
This Logan promo poster clawed its way from an iPad Pro to New York City's Times Square.
Photo: Dave Rapoza/Twitter

The next time someone says you can’t do real work on an iPad Pro, just show them the official movie poster for Logan.

The film, which features Hugh Jackman’s final appearance as Wolverine, is currently shredding the box office. The reviews for the movie have been overwhelmingly positive — and the official IMAX poster is just as impressive, especially considering it was drawn on an iPad.

20th Century Fox and IMAX hired artist Dave Rapoza to create a special poster for the movie. Instead of using traditional tools, Rapoza created the amazing poster using just an iPad Pro.

Take a closer look:

logan poster

Rapoza, a freelance illustrator and comic book artist, revealed on Twitter that the entire poster was drawn using the app Procreate. The vertical Logan poster got drawn first. 20th Century Fox then had an idea for the horizontal poster. The studio got Rapoza to paint it up for the banner, seen over New York City’s Times Square.

Logan landed in theaters on March 3, grossing $237.8 million worldwide during its opening weekend.

  • leftcoast

    All style. No substance. And you wonder why Trump won. Oh look! It’s Time Square! It’s big! It’s muscular! It’s violent, predictable, and the kiddies will love it! Bet you’ll be hyping the computer game next. It’s a culture free world.

    • John Hall

      Like the internet. A place for douchbags that think anyone gives a damn what they think as they act like they’re better than everyone else and just whine like a bitch about everything.

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    • J.Mnemonic

      Man it’s an action/adventure/comic movie poster. It’s suposse to be like that. It’s not a movie about people/life/society/politics/… And it’s an awesome poster, I would hong that on my room, next to Taxi Driver one. And I’m someone who likes visual arts, painting and photography over all. Relax

  • Thomas Nicolai Feldborg Bruun

    Nice. Although Hugh Jackman himself were a bit more impressed by this wallpaint of Logan in Denmark: