Exploding iPhone 6 Plus gives owner rude awakening


It's not just Samsungs that explode.
Photo: WFLA

Smartphones don’t always need faulty batteries to go boom. One iPhone 6 Plus owner learned this the hard way after being rudely awoken by her handset when it burst into flames on her nightstand.

“It was just like a ‘shhhhhh,’ kind of like fireworks,” Amanda Bentz told WFLA. “It literally blew flames right out the side of the phone.”

Bentz’s iPhone was charging beside her bed at the time, and the flames were enough to wake up her husband. The explosion also blew the iPhone’s display out of its aluminum housing, shattered the glass, and melted the plastic case.

It also caused damage to her comforter, pillow case, and curtains. Bentz said if her husband hadn’t have woken up, “it would have caught the curtain on fire, and then the bed.”

Bentz isn’t the only iPhone owner who’s had battery issues. In fact, another guy on her street, Greg Miceli, returned home last week to find the battery inside his iPhone 6 Plus had expanded, causing the display to break. The device was not charging at the time, WFLA reports.

Apple is aware of Bentz’s situation and says it is looking into it. The company has also offered her a replacement device.

Millions of iPhones are sold every day and occurrences like this are rare, so you don’t need to worry yours is going to bang. But like every device with a lithium-ion battery, there is a very small chance that there will be flames should the battery fail.