Save 10 percent on a range of innovative gear and gadgets

Save an extra 10 percent on innovative gear and gadgets [Deals]


This heads up display for your car is as useful as it is futuristic.
This heads up display for your car is as useful as it is futuristic.
Photo: Cult of Mac Deals

In the wake of CES, we’ve all got the next generation of tech on the brain. But we’re impatient, so we’ve gathered some of the best deals on the most futuristic gear and gadgets in the Cult of Mac Store.

Below you’ll find a head-up display for your car, a charging cable that adds a MagSafe-style connection to your phone, a flash drive for both computers and iPhones, and the most feature-packed charging hub you’ll find. By entering the coupon code CES10 at checkout, you’ll get 10 percent off each deal.

HUDWAY Glass head-up navigation display – 10% off with code

Our cars can’t fly yet, but that doesn’t mean we can’t feel like futuristic pilots when we sit down in them. HUDWAY Glass adds a transparent head-up display to your car, syncing with any HUD app on your phone to present directions, speed and other essential info in a crystal-clear, unobstructive format. This is a great addition especially in low visibility, and is ideal for anyone committed to keeping their hands free and their eyes on the road.

Buy now: Get HUDWAY Glass for $39.99 when you use the 10 percent discount code.

CoM - Plugies Lightning
Turn your phone’s charging port magnetic with these handy, fast-charging adapters.
Photo: Cult of Mac Deals

Plugies Magnetic Charging Cables – 30% off

One of the best features ever added to the MacBook was the MagSafe connection. That connection, which keeps the charging cable from taking down the computer when it inevitably gets snagged, can now be added to your phone. Plugies are clever little adapters that live in your phone’s charging port — just snap the magnetic cable in whenever you want. And with braided nylon and anodized aluminum casing, the cable itself is built to last.

Buy now: Get Plugies Magnetic Charging Cables for $27.99 — that’s 30 percent off the usual price.

CoM - iKlips DUO+ Dual Interface Flash Drive
This dual-sided, lightweight flash drive makes managing data between Mac and iOS devices a cinch.
Photo: Cult of Mac Deals

iKlips DUO+ Dual Interface Flash Drive (64GB red) – 10% off

Our data lives on our phones and computers, so our thumb drives should be able to do the same. iKlips DUO+ lets you easily share files between iPhone, iPad, Mac and PC, with a simple plug-and-play operation via its dual-interface Lightning and USB 3.1 connections. Transfer at up to 25MB per second on Lightning devices, and up to 130MB/s on USB devices, with a redesigned plug that operates through any case. The free iKlips 3.0 app allows you to operate a variety of advanced features like direct photo backup, 3D Touch support, social media and more.

Buy now: Get an iKlips DUO+ for $88.99 — that’s a 10 percent discount.

CoM - FuelBox Ultimate Charging Solution
This charging hub features two AC outlets and a 5,200mAh portable battery pack, all in one sleek package.
Photo: Cult of Mac Deals

FuelBox Ultimate Charging Solution – 16% off

This might be the ultimate charging hub. It combines a multiported docking station with a powerful 5,200mAh mobile battery pack in one cleverly designed package. The portable battery breaks away, offering 25 hours of power for your devices, with rapid charge technology via universally compatible, MFi-certified Lightning and micro-USB connections. The other part is a wall-mounted hub, with an impressive array of universally compatible connectors and a pair of extra outlets, so every device can get the juice it needs.

Buy now: Get the FuelBox Ultimate Charging Solution for $99.99 — that’s 16 percent off the usual price.