Real Pics of Steve Jobs’ Actual Gulfstream Jet


Image credit: S.C. Rubke

Earlier this week I seem to have touched a chord with a post about Tony Fadell’s “transition agreement” and the reimbursements Steve Jobs gets from Apple for expenses incurred in the operation of his private plane.

Several readers took me to task for illustrating the post with a hastily-cadged, photoshopped fake of a Gulfstream jet with a big Apple logo on it, which is fair enough, if somewhat lacking in the sense-of-humor department.

With thanks to reader Hihosilver, who sent in a real picture of Jobs’ plane on the runway at the San Jose airport, I was led to a couple of interesting airplane fan sites, where more pics of the Apple CEO’s gorgeous jet can be found. For your pleasure and amusement then, here’s a gallery, so the next time you see a Gulfstream Aerospace G-V at cruising altitude or taxiing on a runway near you, you’ll be able to tell if it’s likely to have Steve inside.

Steve's jet #1 Steve's jet #10 Steve's jet #2
Steve's jet #3 Steve's jet #4 Steve's jet #5
Steve's jet #6 Steve's jet #7 Steve's jet #8

12 responses to “Real Pics of Steve Jobs’ Actual Gulfstream Jet”

  1. Jazzy says:

    Oh my! I am so jealous.

  2. Gene says:

    As someone who lives right next to the San Jose airport, let me tell you — you really know when Steve Jobs (and Larry Ellison) take off somewhere. Their small little private jets are far louder than the commercial planes. And Steve and Larry tend to ignore airport curfews, taking off at all hours of the night. The aerial equivalent of parking in handicapped spaces.

  3. mathue says:

    Wow, very minimalist paint job. If a guy with a big ego flies in it you’d not know.

  4. Michael says:

    No Apple logo at all?

  5. Cowardly Bastard says:

    well, we all know his penchant for parking in handicapped spaces don’t we gene?

  6. Stephen says:

    I cannot begin to explain how wrong Gene’s comment is. Gene clearly knows nothing about aviation, despite living near the airport.

    I would bet ANY amount of money that Gene couldn’t differentiate the sound of a Gulfstream vs. the sound of any other modern jet. Comments like that are at the root of airport-noise battles, and it accentuates the shear ignorance of the anti-aviation side.

    What Gene does not know or simply refuses to acknowledge is that Gulfstreams like Mr. Jobs’ or Global Expresses like Mr. Ellison’s are in fact some of the quietest jets operating in aviation today. Furthermore, as a person who has worked at the San Jose airport and lived near it for the past 5 years, I know that both Mr. Jobs and Mr. Ellison are quite compliant with airport curfew. It is late airliners and sports team charters that are most often in violation of the curfew.

    PS. I took the photo at the top.