iPhone’s dual-lens camera might go vertical in 2017


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Apple is planning to change its dual-lens camera already.
Photo: Apple

Next year’s Plus-size iPhone might come with a slightly different dual-lens camera, according to the latest rumors out of Asia.

Citing supply chain sources, the new rumor claims Apple will reposition the secondary telephoto lens on the iPhone so that it sits below the traditional wide-angle lens.

“The basic specification is the same with the iPhone 7s [and] iPhone 7s Plus,” reports Japanese Apple site Macotakara. “[But] the iSight Duo cameras are installed vertically instead of horizontally.”

Rumored iPhone 7s features

Previous rumors have claimed Apple may name its next smartphone the “iPhone X” because 2017 will mark the 10th anniversary of the iconic device. However, Macotakara’s report claims next year’s device will simply be dubbed the “iPhone 7s.”

Apple fans are expecting the next iPhone to be one of the biggest releases ever, with a host of new features. The report says various specifications are still under consideration. Some rumors have claimed next year will bring a curved OLED screen on the iPhone 7s Plus.

Other features could include a new body with glass sides on the front and back sandwiching an aluminum band, similar to the iPhone 4 design. Wireless charging could also be among the new features.

Macotakara also confirms a previous report that Apple is planning to release three different sizes of iPhones in 2017: a 4.7-inch iPhone 7s, a 5.5-inch iPhone 7s Plus, and a new 5-inch model. A new color or two is also pretty likely in order to drum up more interest — and make 2017 a banner year for iPhone sales.

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3 responses to “iPhone’s dual-lens camera might go vertical in 2017”

  1. Tallest Skil says:

    The utility of which being… what? Why do I get the feeling that it’s just to force people to buy new cases?

    • mary.erickson.93 says:

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    • Levi says:

      If they wanted to generate more money per device they’d add new features, charge for certain colors and finishes, or play around with additional configurations. Repositioning the lens wouldn’t make a huge difference in the scheme of things. the new phone probably won’t fit in existing cases, as the report suggested that we’re dealing with an entirely new screen size. I would also expect other dimensions to change. I would also bet that most buyers of new iPhone don’t purchase an Apple branded case.

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