Watch Nintendo's Shigeru Miyamoto draw Mario on an iPad Pro

Watch Nintendo’s Shigeru Miyamoto draw Mario on an iPad Pro


Mr. Miyamoto tries out a freehand sketch on the iPad Pro.
Photo: Apple

Apple and Nintendo have become a match made in heaven, thanks to the Super Mario Run game that debuted today for iPhone and iPad.

To celebrate the game’s launch, Super Mario Run creator Shigeru Miyamoto showed how he draws the iconic videogame character using an iPad Pro and Apple Pencil.

Watch him sketch below:

Super Mario Run is Nintendo’s first serious entry into iOS gaming. The new game was revealed at Apple’s September keynote for the iPhone 7, but the public has had to wait months to finally play it.

The Super Mario Run demo can be downloaded for free, offering three initial levels of play. The full version of the game can then be purchased for $9.99.