Pokémon GO expected to get 100 new creatures next month


Pokemon GO
There will be more monsters to catch over the holidays.
Photo: Niantic

Thought you’d caught ’em all in Pokémon GO? Think again. An update coming next month is expected to add another 100 creatures to the game, as well as some big new features.

A recent update to Pokémon GO gave players the ability to catch Ditto for the first time, but it also paved the way for a whole bunch of other monsters. Digging into the update’s code reveals 100 new creatures that are coming soon.

The Silph Road reports that the new creatures, which include normal and legendary types, are yet to get “moveset” data, which means developer Niantic still has to update the app and the data on its servers before the creatures will appear in the game.

However, the stage has been set for the new species — and new features. The game’s code also reveals plans to add player vs. player battles, Pokémon trading, and new ways to raise and train your monsters. Niantic has already promised some of these; now it looks like they’re close to launching.

We don’t know for certain when all of this will be added to Pokémon GO, but the latest rumors claim the new creatures will be added next month. Niantic will almost certainly be keen to add them soon in the hope that they’ll attract new players over the holiday season.

Via: SlashGear

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  • Pokémon GONE, not GO

  • Who cares any more? Pockemon Go had already seen it’s best days. Has to disappear now…

  • Darren McCoy

    It sure did take a nosedive but there’s still tens of millions playing it.