StubHub’s Apple TV app brings ticket search to your couch


Stub Hub is now on Apple TV.
Stub Hub is now on Apple TV.
Photo: Stub Hub

Finding tickets to the next concert, sporting event or comedy show you want to go to is now as easy as watching TV, thanks to the new StubHub app for Apple TV.

StubHub’s new offering is the first-ever ticketing app for the Apple TV, only instead of just making their popular mobile app TV-sized, the company focused the experience on browsing upcoming events in your area.

“We know that most people will be interacting with our app from their couch, as they’re looking for something to do, so we kept the StubHub app for Apple TV focused on and discovery, to better motivate people to get up and get out,” said Marcus Shelksohn, StubHub’s director of mobile product.

The app’s side-scroll interface on the side allows you to browse within a seating section for an event. It also has high-res seat maps so you see exactly where you’ll be if you buy tickets. The eBay-owned company offers tickets on everything from NFL, NBA, MLB and NHL games, to UFC fights and even theater productions.

StubHub’s app will only be available on the fourth-generation Apple TV and should be available for download later today.