Chinese billionaire bachelor bought eight iPhone 7s – for his dog


Coco appears to be wondering, "Which one shall I open first?"
Photo: Wang Sicong/Weibo

If Apple does make inroads in China with iPhone 7 sales, the company may have an Alaskan malamute named Coco to thank.

More precisely, it would go to Coco’s owner, Wang Sicong — who likes to spoil his dog with treats from the Apple Store. Wang bought eight iPhone 7 handsets for the pet.

Why eight? Because malamutes like to dig and Wang is loaded, or at least his father, Wang Jialin, is with an estimated worth of $30 billion, according to CNN.

The iPhone 7 began shipping and appearing in Apple Stores on Friday. In China, the iPhone 7, costs just over $1,000, while the 7 Plus goes for almost $1,200.

Coco is no stranger to Apple news and Wang, himself, regularly makes headlines in China as the son of a billionaire. He is “The Nation’s Husband,” dubbed so because he is an eligible bachelor who sometimes makes news for outrageous comments about women, according to CNN.

Last year, he irked folks after he posted photos of Coco wearing two Apple Watches. Xinhua, the official news agency in China said Wang “stained the purity of the Chinese people” and referred to his celebrity as “coarse” and “arrogant.”

Coco has an Apple Watch for both front paws.
Photo: Wang Sicong/Weibo

Apple hopes to rebound in the Chinese market with the iPhone 7 line after its sales there slumped recently by more than 30 percent. Some analysts say the iPhone 6s in the minds of many Chinese did not merit an upgrade while some buyers switched to local brands, such as Huawei’s Mate 8, which costs about half of what an iPhone costs.

None of this concerns Coco, who can be seen basking among his unopened iPhone 7s on couch on Weibo, which is similar to Twitter. Coco has his own account.

Source: CNN