Quit yer whining -- AirPods are cheap AF!

Quit yer whining — AirPods are cheap AF!


AirPods may miss Christmas while Apple works out audio problems.
Photo: Apple

Everybody is hating on the new wireless AirPods Apple introduced yesterday because of their $159 price tag, but let me clue you in on a little secret: AirPods are cheap as f**k!

Seriously. Have you ever looked at how much truly wireless earbuds with a charging case cost?

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The new PowerBeats3 Wireless have the same W1 chip as the AirPods, yet they run $200. (No charging case included).


Think AirPods are too expensive and easy to lose? Try these big-ass $200 Samsung IconX buds:
Samsung iconX earbuds

If those Samsung earbuds are too small for your lobes, maybe this set of wireless buds from Bose will fit you. They come in at $250:
bose earpods

Motorola’s giant wireless earbuds are the same price as the BOSE version. They’re truly wireless, but a lot uglier:

motorola earbuds

Earin’s new buds were all the rage at CES 2016. They’ll set you back $280:

Earin wireless earbuds

Dash earbuds come with health sensors, but they cost $300:

Dash earbuds

Those $160 set of Apple AirPods with high-quality AAC audio, dual-beam forming microphones, a charging case and background noise filtering don’t seem like such a bad deal now, right?