iPhone 7 means your iPhone trade-in will be worth less soon

Act now to lock in the best price for your iPhone trade-in


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If you're upgrading to iPhone 11, now is the time to secure the best possible price for your old iPhone trade-in.
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With today’s impending iPhone 11 reveal, excitement abounds for Apple lovers. However, one downside of the “By Innovation Only” event is the impending drop in value of your old Apple devices.

Every year, newer models push older iPhones, Apple Watches and MacBooks further and further down the path to obsolescence. But there’s good news: Cult of Mac will still buy your old devices. And we’ll help you maximize the money you get for your iPhone trade-in, too.

Several factors affect how much a device drops in value. For example, phones on full-cycle refreshes hold their value slightly better than their “s” counterparts. Also, broken devices won’t see their values fall nearly as dramatically as perfectly working devices will. (This is the one time it’s almost good that you’re a klutz.)

How will new Apple devices affect resale values?

This year, predicting iPhone values proves a little more interesting than usual. Even though the iPhone 11 (if that’s what it is called) is technically a full-cycle upgrade, it appears it will be received more like an “s” model due to a lack of significant new features and smoldering excitement about next year’s 5G iPhone.

The new Apple Watch — whether it’s a Series 5, or just a Series 4 in new ceramic and titanium casings — should primarily target customers who still use an Apple Watch 3 or earlier. However, if it’s a Series 5 with sleep-tracking features tied to new hardware, it could cause Apple Watch 4 users to upgrade.

Our buyback partners at MyPhones Unlimited handle thousands of devices each year. They predict that the resale values of iPhone X and iPhone XS models will drop in value by 10 percent the week of the launch. Then, those models likely will lose an additional 10 percent over the next 30 days.

They also project Apple Watches to lose about 20 percent of their overall value in the month following the release of an upgraded model. In fact, they warn that the original Apple Watch could be worth almost nothing by the end of the year.

If Apple unveils new iPads or MacBooks today, you can expect similar drops in resale value.

Secure the highest price for your iPhone trade-in

The Cult of Mac buyback program allows you to lock in your iPhone trade-in price for 14 days. We highly recommend taking advantage of that generosity during this period of tumultuous iPhone price drops.

If you know you’ll get your new iPhone 11 in a week, go ahead and request a box now — because the price will likely be lower by the time your new phone comes in. Some websites offer 30-day lock-ins. However, that just means they started with a lower overall price to protect themselves from the inevitable depreciation caused by a new model. Our 14-day policy was established to offer consumers the highest possible price.

Our lean, green iPhone buyback program is here to help Apple fans like you afford the cost of an upgrade to the latest, greatest devices. Visit the Cult of Mac buyback program site today and get a quick quote. We buy used iPhones, Apple Watches, iPads, MacBooks, iPods and more.

You might be surprised how much your old Apple gear is worth. But you’d better act fast to get the best possible price.


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