Your GoPro videos will do a 180 with this Lensbaby fisheye


How's that for perspective? Lensbaby gives your GoPro camera a new view.
How's that for perspective? Lensbaby gives your GoPro camera a new view.
Photo: Anthony Sims/Lensbaby

Lensbaby and GoPro. Pair the creator of artistic effects lenses with the king of the action cam and things could get interesting.

Lensbaby hopes so has it rolls out its Circular 180+ lens to fit the Hero series of GoPro point of view action cameras.

The key specs are in the name: It gives the already wide lens on the GoPro a 185-degree field of view with a fully circular image to give your adventure movies an even more immersive feel.

The Circular 180+ for the GoPro Hero series.
Photo: Lensbaby

Lensbaby and GoPro entered the 21st century aiming to carve unique niches in the camera industry.

GoPro started in 2002 with a compact high definition video camera that was popular with surfers, mountain bikers, and snowboarders. It launched the action cam industry.

Lensbaby launched in 2004 with a line of lenses for SLR and DSLR cameras that allows photographers to make pictures with selective blur and other effects. The company started with one lens and have grown into several different kinds that are popular, especially with wedding and portrait photographers.

The Circular 180+ attaches to the waterproof housing on GoPro’s Hero cameras. The view is wider than the human eye sees and the extreme wide creates a depth of field that ensures sharp pictures from any distance.

The Circular 180+ attaches to the underwater housing for the GoPro Hero cameras.
Photo: Lensbaby

“A good fisheye makes adventures more captivating,” Strong said this week. “GoPro shooters are all about exploration, making this the perfect GoPro add-on.

The new lens retails on the Lensbaby website for $79.95.