Griffin’s new adapter fixes iPhone 7’s most hated feature


Griffin iTrip Clip adapter
Get ready to see more adapters like this.
Photo: Griffin

Apple is set to kill the century old headphone jack when it unveils the iPhone 7 during an event on September 7th, which is bad news for your favorite pair of wired headphones, but great news for accessory makers like Griffin.

The popular iPhone accessory maker is already prepared to cure your headphone jack woes this fall with the introduction of its newest adapter that gives your old headphones new Bluetooth 4.1 powers.

Dubbed the Griffin iTrip Clip, the new accessory is neither the first nor the last Bluetooth headphone adapter we’ll see once the iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus invade the wild.

The adapter clips onto your clothing and comes with all the requisite buttons needed to control your tunes wirelessly. You can even activate Siri and answer phone calls on it if your headphones have a microphone.

Despite its tiny size, iTrip Clip’s battery can last for 6 hours of play time and 180 hours on standby. Its $20 price tag makes it cheaper than buying new Lightning headphones and is more covienient than using a Lightning to 3.5mm dongle.

Units will go on sale in September, just in time for the iPhone 7.

Via: The Verge