Canon’s 5D Mark IV improves on what was already an amazing camera


There is more to the Canon 5D Mark IV than a change in the roman numeral.
There is more to the Canon 5D Mark IV than a change in the roman numeral.
Photo: Canon USA

Four years had passed and my crush on the Canon 5D Mark III showed no signs of fading. Even as rumors of a more exciting Mark IV began percolating, I couldn’t imagine a camera getting any better.

That is until the IV hit the floor last week.

Canon introduced and began taking pre-orders on the much hyped Canon 5D Mark IV last week, ending months of speculation by delivering on the hype.

Sure the camera that was a breakthrough in 2012 in low-light photography, with gorgeous files and stunning video will probably be a great buy as they begin to appear online for sale used or at a discount. But when you consider the list of impressive upgrades to the Mark IV, you might find yourself looking for some more wriggle room in your camera budget.

Starting with megapixels because it seems photographers can never have enough, the new 5D possesses a 30.4 megapixel full-frame sensor (The Mark III was 22). New is a 150,000 pixel RGB+IR metering sensor, which is said to improve facial recognition and tracking of fast moving action.

Canon 5D Mark IV
Touch-screen function, Wi-Fi capability and 4K video are just a few of the new features on the Mark IV.
Photo: Canon USA

Other specs include:

  • ISO range is 100 to 32,000 and is expandable on both ends, 50 to 102,4000.
  • I61 autofocus points with expanded vertical coverage.
  • I4K video with the ability to pull a frame grab of 8.8 megapixels.
  • IBuilt-in Wi-Fi for transferring images and MP4 movie files to compatible mobile devices. Wedding shooters can finally post images to social media as fast as the guests using their smartphones. The camera also features built-in GPS to provide auto time sync and geotag information.

Other features include touch screen function, a vibration control system around the mirror to reduce the risk of blur, especially in continuos shooting (7 fps) and bokeh shift, allowing you to adjust creative blur around the image.

The 5D Mark IV is available for pre-order now for around $3,5000 (body only) with shipping to begin next month.