Galaxy Note 7 gets embarrassed by iPhone 6s in speed test


Specs aren't everything!
Photo: PhoneBuff

Compare their specifications on paper and the Galaxy Note 7 looks like it would be leagues ahead of the iPhone 6s in performance, but real-world speed tests prove that the reality is very different.

Despite being almost a year older, Apple’s latest smartphone well and truly embarrasses the Galaxy Note 7 in app loading times.

Samsung’s latest phablet is by far its best yet, with a stunning new design made out of curved glass, a stellar camera, iris scanning technology, and the very best internals available… at least on Android.

That includes Qualcomm’s latest Snapdragon 820 processor — a 64-bit quad-core chip with Adreno 530 graphics — and 4GB of RAM. In comparison, the iPhone 6s packs a dual-core Apple A9 processor and just 2GB of RAM.

But none of that really matters. When you put these devices side-by-side, it’s actually the iPhone that’s faster at loading apps and games — as this speed test from PhoneBuff demonstrates.

This proves that specifications aren’t everything. Sure, the Galaxy Note 7 looks good on paper — and it’s still one of the fastest Androids money can buy — but the efficiency of iOS and Apple’s excellent chip design make the iPhone even faster.

  • Peter

    It seems that there is something seriously wrong with Samsung’s implementation of either hardware or software – or both. Snapdragon 820 is not that slow, and other phones with the same spec list are performing much better.

    It seems that all the innovation is purely cosmetic this time. Shame – because it’s such a nice device. And while I doubt it will actually be a problem for anyone ( let’s be honest, in real life you won’t even notice the difference ) – it is disappointing to see such low performance from a device that costs 850 euros…

    • Rafterman00

      The Note pushes 4 times as many pixels as does the iPhone and also does true multitasking of the multiple apps being launched – it doesn’t suspend background apps, like iOS does.

      Its an apples-oranges test and pointless to compare the two.

      • da_gagnon

        Note that the last version of Android can suspend background services and apps, like iOS. Living Apps doing anything in the background was causing a lot of battery problem on older versions of Android.

        I think that Android is slower because Apps are running in a Java VM. Screen resolution could have some impact too.

      • Robert Ivey

        No the reason Apple is faster is IOS is designed to specifically work with a single chipset. Android is designed to work with any chip set which as you would know if you owned a pc means the OS is not even remotely optimized for the hardware making it slower. Basically there is a lot of junk code required to make it run on any piece of crap hardware someone sticks android in.

      • Chris Mowers

        your actually not far off, i do rom development over at XDA and i cant tell you how much “crap” i pull out for other phone and optimizations for hardware i do. Once that is done, there is a huge difference in performance. ive done a similar test with one of my roms vs the iphone six and the roles were reversed

      • Peter

        Resolution has little to do with app launch times buddy.

      • Rafterman00

        I beg to differ.

      • igorsky

        This obvious Samsung employee is trying to push this same nonsense on Macrumors.

      • It is not apples/oranges if the end user experience is superior on one over the other with no difference in functionality.

        What benefit does not suspending background apps give you? iOS still allows background apps to use GPS, data, and other internal APIs, so 99% of multitasking functionality is covered without significant battery usage.

        What benefit is pushing 4x the number of pixels when the vast majority of people don’t hold the screen close enough to their face to be capable of seeing the difference?

        If I can do the EXACT same thing on my iPhone that you can do on your Note, what benefit does all that give you? What can you do on your Note (that you actually do on a regular basis) that I can’t on my iPhone?

        Androids are great phones, don’t get me wrong, but I don’t really understand this argument.

      • Figg

        Actually, the Note 7 only drives 25% more pixels than the 6S plus (computed pixels, downscaled afterwards to 1080p). Yet, the result is almost the same.
        Apps launch much faster, apps don’t get purged as often while suspended in the background and moved to the foreground, scrolling in apps is much smoother, etc.

    • Kody

      It has to be the software. Samsung’s always been a little bloaty in the UI skins it puts on top of android. They did the same test with the nexus 6p a while back and it had much better results than the Note 7.

  • Anthony Velazquez

    Typical samsung junk

  • Scott

    Would love it if the Note 7 ran iOS !

  • JoeMarfice

    “But none of that really matters. When you put these devices
    side-by-side, it’s actually the iPhone that’s faster at loading apps and

    … assuming you think that the load-time of apps and games is all that really matters in a cellphone.

    “Dammit, my large, bright, brilliantly-colored and easy-to-use phone with great data reception and a superb camera took nearly 1.6 seconds to load Candy Crush!” is apparently something the author believes someone else in the world ever says.