The World Trade Center is getting an Apple Store


World Trade Center Transportation Hub.
World Trade Center Transportation Hub.
Photo: John Sonderman/Flickr

Apple is planning to expand its New York City retail operations in the near future with a new store location at the iconic World Trade Center area.

The new Apple Store will be located in the World Trade Center Transportation Hub, according to CNET which spoke with Jason Barlia, market director for Apple’s New York stores.

Barlia revealed the upcoming store during the opening of Apple’s first store in Williamsburg, Brooklyn today. While the new Brooklyn store features an industrial look with lots of brick walls and ductwork, the World Trade Center store will likely blend in well with the hub’s all-white floors, walls and arches.

The new store will be one block away from the main World Trade Center area, underneath the Oculus. Apple also has a similar store at New York’s Grand Central Station.