Comfy children’s Bluetooth headphones protect the littlest of ears [Reviews]


Headphones designed for smaller noggins with volume-control to prevent hearing damage.
Photo: Ste Smith/Cult of Mac

Finding headphones for my two-year-old daughter was an exercise in safety and design. I wanted something that would not damage her ears, and she likes headphones that look like daddy’s.

The BT220 Studio Grade Children’s Bluetooth Headphones by Puro Sound Labs kept popping up in searches and had glowing reviews, so I decided they at least looked cool enough to consider.

Check out the video below for my full review.

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The reason I ultimately ended up choosing these particular headphones for her is largely the 85 db sound limit, meaning even if she turns the volume up to the max, it can’t become too loud, and her ears are safe. And, once I finally got my hands on them, they didn’t disappoint.

Despite being on-ear headphones, as opposed to over-ear cans, they still create a tight seal around her small ears that reduces ambient noise by up to 80 percent. This also reduces the need to crank the volume up simply to block out background noise.

The BT2200 also look great and adorable on little listeners. My daughter loves all of my Apple products, and these fit perfectly in line with clean design and quality components. These headphones come in white/silver, tan/gold and black/silver aluminum rather than flimsy, brightly colored plastic — the real deal and look like headphones grownups would wear. My little girl is a lot more likely to grab these than some others that have characters printed all over them.

The headband and ear cups are lined with a soft, plush leather-like material. They also feel great on, even for extended use thanks to the padded headband. The sound quality on these headphones is what blew me away. Although they’re advertised as ‘studio-grade’ on their website and aimed towards children, I wasn’t expecting the audio to be so high-quality and clear — they’re actually good enough for adults.

Overall, I’m pleasantly surprised with how great these headphones are, and how much my daughter enjoys wearing them. They’re well-built, look great and sound brilliant.

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