You can now play Pokémon Fire Red on GBA inside Minecraft


That's a working Game Boy Advance... inside Minecraft.
Photo: Requag

When you realize your Minecraft world is better than the real world, you’ll find more to do inside it so that you never have to leave. Here’s one thing that will keep you entertained for hours: a working version of Pokémon Fire Red right inside Minecraft.

We’ve seen some pretty incredible Minecraft creations, including a working iPhone, a replica Apple HQ, and a whole bunch of Steve Jobs tributes. Redditor Requag’s working Game Boy Advance is up there with the best of them.

Built using some of the latest Minecraft blocks, the handheld console clone lets you play real Pokémon Fire Red in all its glory. It’s not perfect yet, but it does work — and Requag vows to keep working on it to make it even better.

The game already has a level editor, the ability to customize game textures, and more.

You don’t need any special mods to check this out; just ensure you’re running Minecraft version 1.10, then follow the source link below to download the map you need to get access to Requag’s creation.

Source: Reddit

Via: Engadget