iPad Controlled Video Blimp


Today is a good day for innovation.

The crew over at BreakfastNY created a helium filled blimp controlled by an iPad’s accelerometer and demoed it at a crowded party that I wasn’t invited to. Thanks, guys.

So the Blimp was cool and everything but they were able to stream live video feed from the blimp to a big screen while guests took turns taking iPad Blimp for a spin. Here’s a description from BreakfastNY:

This year’s Design Week after-party featured a silent auction of 23 KidRobot Munny characters created by the world’s top industrial designers. To show off these creations to the thousand guests, we flew a 52″ camera-enabled blimp over their heads. The blimp (a modified BlimpDuino) was controlled by an iPad which was receiving the live video-feed from the cockpit. When guests looked up, they watched as their faces were transformed into those of the Munny characters up for auction. The feed also went up on a big screen at the event and the event’s site allowing everyone to get in on the action.