Spy photos all but confirm 2016 MacBook Pro’s OLED touchpad


This MacBook Pro chassis is unlike any other.
Photo: Cult of Mac

Leaked photos of what is claimed to be Apple’s next-generation MacBook Pro all but confirm it will ship with a new OLED touchpad above its keyboard. The images sent to Cult of Mac also hint at four USB-C connectors.

A recent report from reliable KGI Securities analyst Ming-Chi Kuo promised Apple will introduce an OLED touchpad to the MacBook Pro lineup during the third quarter of this year. The machine is also expected to get a thinner form factor, and Apple’s new butterfly keys.

Is this the front of the 2016 MacBook Pro?
Is this the front of the 2016 MacBook Pro?
Photo: Cult of Mac

These photos, sent into us by an anonymous source who claims to work for one of Apple’s manufacturing partners in China, reveal a new cutout above the MacBook Pro’s keyboard — where the function keys would normally sit — that could house that OLED touchpad.

There are a bunch of reasons why adding an OLED touchpad to the MacBook Pro is a great idea, the main one being the ability to customize those function keys to swap out shortcuts you don’t use for ones you will. You could also add shortcuts for specific apps.

It looks like the touchpad might have a lip that slips into that smaller hole on the left side of the cutout, keeping it in place. The hole on the right side appears to contain three pins, which likely connects the touchpad to the logic board.

These photos also suggest that almost all of the connectors on the machine will be replaced by USB-C ports. There appear to be two on the right and two on the left sides of the device, while the only other hole looks like a headphone jack.

These images suggest the new MacBook Pro will have just four USB-C ports and a headphone jack.
These images suggest the new MacBook Pro will have just four USB-C ports and a headphone jack.
Photo: Cult of Mac

It’s hard to tell whether the new MacBook Pro is any thinner from these photos, but it doesn’t appear to be significantly slimmer than the existing model.

We can see what looks like speaker grilles either side of the keyboard, which suggests Apple may have moved the speakers to make way for that OLED touch pad. On existing models, the speakers are located at the back of the keyboard.

New vs. old.
New vs. old.
Photo: Cult of Mac

The MacBook Pro has long been Apple’s “prosumer” notebook, aimed at those who need a portable powerhouse they can take anywhere to get stuff done on the go. The most recent models were introduced just over a year ago when Apple added Intel Haswell processors, up to 16GB of RAM, and Force Touch trackpads.

The lineup is certainly in need of a refresh, then, and if Apple’s going to make us wait until the third quarter for it, it has to be a big one!

  • laser132217

    Great scoop guys! Look pretty legit. Well done.

    • Fox

      I’m personally not sold on it being real. I highly doubt that Apple is ditching the Arrow keys. Yes, there are 4 slots for keys on the right side of the trackpad, but then once you take command and option out there are only two spaces for keys. Which for 4 keys, is a little weird. If Apple decides to use the weird sized (2 full keys and two half sized) keys for arrows, then there would need to be at least on more slot for keys without taking command and option away. I think if apple tried to reinvent the keyboard, this might backfire on them like it did in other computers like the Macintosh and Lisa.

      • Jeff

        If they’re not real, someone has waaaaaay too much time on their hands. I understand people faking iPhone pics because that’s Apple’s most popular product and 70% of their revenue, but MacBook Pros? Not even 10% of Apple’s revenue. I think we can call these legit. Also, not sure what you mean by taking out command and option. There are cutouts for both. From what I can tell, this is the exact same layout as the new MacBook, save for the function row.

      • taitaisanchez

        Look at the first image. There are 3 spaces for keys. Up/Down are the same key.

      • KillianBell

        Apple isn’t ditching the arrow keys. The keyboard is likely to be the same MacBook’s…

      • Fox

        I just noticed the first image. Thanks! I strongly dislike the keyboard arrows on the www macbook. I understand that they are more uniform, but in my opinion, that makes up and down arrows look a little sloppy. Just my opinion.

  • Simone Rossi

    Touch ID in the right-top corner?

    • Ricardo Resende

      Maybe just the power button.
      Makes sense, the power button be something physical, and not digital. Imagine if the supposedly oled screen just crash (will be a combination of touchscreen + software).

      • Simone Rossi

        You’re right, but the position and the shape is different with respect to the actual Macs.
        It’s more likely that they embedded a touch id sensor in the power button

      • I think you’re on the money here! Turning on your macbook and having it instantly log you in would be a great new design.

      • Jeff

        But what if you want to buy something using Touch ID? You would risk shutting down your computer. That could be really annoying.

      • fastasleep

        OMG, Apple never thinks of these sorts of things or tests anything before release! Better not buy one just in case!

      • brijesh

        haha, that’s a strange one – Apple never thinks of these sorts of things or tests anything before release!

        Me thinks they do and have very well thought out, tested products & features – which are mostly aped by others in a few years.

      • fastasleep

        Thanks Jay Leno, that was the joke.

      • brijesh

        yikes! and now I feel like an idiot!

    • That’s probably the interface for the rumoured OLED strip which would stretch out across the top.

  • Vince

    I don’t care anything about an OLED f-key… I want a Pencil driven Display!!!!!!!!!!! WHY doesn’t Apple get with the program and stop playing with USB-C and OLED F-Keys and give us something truly useful????

    • Oscar Mijangos

      They have said them selves that iPads and MacBooks should be separate from each other. And have no plans on making the MacBooks touchscreen capable. And USB-C/OLED is new technology that we should be taking advantage of, touchscreens are just features.

    • LorinT

      I’m very glad that keyboard is the main interface on OSX. But then I’m a programmer, not an artist.

      • Vince

        A HUGE number of Mac Users, arguably the community that kept it afloat during the lean years, ARE Graphic Designers & Artists. As much as I enjoy my iPad Pro, it only makes me wish they would make the screen CAPABLE of utilizing the Pencil. It doesn’t have to be “touch driven” just COMPATIBLE with the Pencil for apps like Photoshop, Illustrator & Clip Paint Studio. I never said eliminate the Keyboard. Make the Keyboard detachable and the screen Digitizer compatible with multi-touch and Pencil input. If it weren’t for Artists and designers, the Mac wouldn’t still be around.

      • Jawad Siddiqi

        the list of capabilities you just described are all available on the Surface lineup.

      • Vince

        Except you have to put up with Windows… no thanks.

      • Jeff

        The most Apple would ever do is MAYBE make the trackpad compatible with Apple Pencil. It would have to be pure glass though as the pencil tip would most likely scratch the paint. If there were a lightning connector on this chassis instead of a headphone jack, that might have been a possibility. But alas….

      • I would love this, but not on the screen, it could work on the trackpad or the sides next to, was thinking this just last night :: instead of gorilla arm you could sketch right on the pad which would make the most sense to me (though it wouldn’t be right on the screen) I’m loving the iPad Pro and haven’t bought any remote AstroPad software as there’s quite a few terrific apps like Bez, Adobe Draw and others – they export as SVG or whatever format you need to bring into Sketch or Adobe apps as well

      • Jeff

        I’m an artist and I agree. Apple’s trackpads are so good, I can get a lot of artwork done without a stylus-driven display. And if you need to do freehand, there’s the iPad Pro. I got caught up in the whole hybrid excitement too, but I think Apple has made the right decision not to compromise and keep the laptop and the tablet as two separate devices.

    • Sergeant Potato

      They need a reason to sell you both an iPad and a Macbook. If they had touchscreen enabled laptops, then you wouldn’t need an iPad.

      • Vince

        See reply above.

      • Sergeant Potato

        Excuse me?

    • Jeff

      iPad Pro: Pencil driven display.

    • Portzblitz

      I definitely don’t have any desire to try writing or drawing on a display that rocks on hinges.. Sounds like madness. Not mentioning the awkward position your hand & wrist would be in.. Nope, forget it.

      Got a tablet for that.

    • Spock

      A touch screen display using a finger or a pencil…great idea! They have to “bring it” this time around because PC sales are down across the spectrum. What better time to trump the market, and that market includes their own product.

  • Hans-Jørgen

    Really? No normal USB on a “pro” computer…? This is just ridiculous.

    • fastasleep

      What, no SCSI port?

      • Wait, what? SCSI is no longer a thing? What about all the 3.5 floppies I still have shrink wrapped from Fry’s they’re still good, right?

      • just_me_1006

        Real men only use 5.25 or 8 inch floppies.

      • fastasleep

        United States’ ICBMs are controlled by computers running 8″ floppies.

      • A SNES Day Off

        ‘Pros’ don’t consider anything else but magnetic tape. It’s all about the tape.

      • Anon Ymous

        that’s what they want you to think

      • fastasleep

        You think they’re actually punch cards?

      • More seriously support for USB-C is still very spotty and expensive. Hubs are not ready for prime time and there is zero backwards compatibility for Firewire. The Dongles that are available suck major moldy lemons

      • Spiffers

        Without adopting new technology, no one would drive technology forwards. There are also Thunderbolt 3 enclosures on its way, Apple Thunderbolt Retina Display, and USB-C to Lightning cables are already on the market. Also serious 3rd party hardware manufacturers like BlackMagic Design, Atto, LaCie and a whole slew of others are coming with great stuff right around the corner. Sometimes it has a little cost to be on the cutting edge, but then again your tech is leapfrogging the competition, so it won’t be outdated for some time. And price? The more the merrier, prices will drop.

      • Marcus2012

        No one has a problem with adopting new tech.

        The problem is Apple isn’t giving anyone a choice, because they’re removing all the other ports.

      • UZ

        If Apple had to wait for people to adopt, we’d still be on floppy drives. That’s why I like Apple, they PUSH tech forward, they don’t PULL.

      • fastasleep

        Too bad — USB-C will be all over the place shortly, you’re going to have to accept that sooner or later. What do you mean no backwards compatibility for Firewire? These are Thunderbolt ports (at least half of them will be) using USB-C, you can connect a Thunderbolt dock and have several USB-A ports, Firewire, HDMI, ethernet, and all sorts of old garbage plugged into that all at the same time if you miss all the old ports so much. There are several options out there already, and I assume Thunderbolt 3/USB-C ones coming in the not too distant future. I’ll buy a couple adapters for USB-A/Firewire devices I have around for the meantime and move on with my life. I know people hate change but if Apple didn’t lead with stuff like this we’d still be crashing our computers by unplugging our ADB keyboards.

      • Marcus2012

        and so was Thunderbolt, and FireWire, and DisplayPort, and…

      • UZ

        One BIG difference. USB-C is an industry standard, not an Apple standard.

      • Thunderbolt too, just not widely used outside Apple and their style connector. TB over USB is doable now

      • Marcus2012

        Thunderbolt is an Intel standard, just like USB-C.

      • fastasleep

        What about ’em? Those things have all served me well for years, and it’s time to move on once again. I’ve been using the crap out of Firewire since it came out, and I don’t need it anymore. Anything I still have that connects via that is totally backwards compatible with Thunderbolt, I sure as hell don’t need giant FW800 ports taking up the space I could have a forward-looking and WAY more useful TB3/USB-C connector in. Do you not understand that TB3/USB-C can do *everything* those ports you listed above can do, all at the same time? That’s progress, and how we move forward. Nobody is forcing you to buy a new machine. Do you want my SCSI cable collection?

      • muttleyuk

        You’ve made me actually laugh out loud with your comebacks on this thread. Especially the Jay Leno one.

        Oh, for the avoidance of doubt, I’m not being sarcastic. :)

      • Thunderbolt docks are not a “solution” I’m willing to entertain as they are very pricey. It’s absurd that I would have to dongle out a USB-C to Thunderbolt and then go from there to Firewire. USB-C is just not ready for prime time at the moment and is an all-stop for upgrading to the new MacBook Pro series. There are just too many peripherals that do not play nice, or at all with this new standard. I’ve looked at the options as far as dedicated USB-C hubs and they are underwhelming to say the least.

        Even with four USB-C ports the new MacBook is not providing enough peripheral ports for a user unless they want to start swapping around plugs. Going WiFi is not really an option as set up is a chore compared to plug and play.

        USB-C adoption is going to be a slow and painful process for all concerned as the installed base of USB 2 and USB 3 peripherals is huge. That backwards compatibility has been mostly ignored does not help in adoption of the new standard.

      • rfichoke

        Then don’t buy one. Problem solved.

      • fastasleep

        Dude, sounds like you should probably wait before buying one that uses USB-C as the primary connector if it’s going to ruin your life. It sounds like you’ve already been waiting, considering: “Going WiFi is not really an option as set up is a chore compared to plug and play.” and the fact that there hasn’t been an ethernet port on the MBP for four years now. You complain now, but soon enough there will be myriad USB-C devices out there that will suit your needs and you can move on with your life then. All this hand wringing!

      • aylk

        I wouldn’t bet on Firewire working through a USB-C port. As far as I understand that’s simply not possible.

      • fastasleep

        I would. They are THUNDERBOLT 3 ports using a USB-C connector. Thunderbolt can do pretty much everything (DisplayPort, HDMI, ethernet, USB, Firewire, eSATA, etc) and multiples of those things on a single port (see the current Thunderbolt dock offerings for what you can already do with lesser Thunderbolt versions on a single port.

      • AirieFenix

        Ugh… I know you’re trying to be funny but you ever considered some people use their computers to work? Like ACTUAL REAL WORK?

        There are thousands upon thousands of USB 2/3.0 devices. USB didn’t change its form factor in almost two decades. That means the chain of backwards compatibility is ridiculously huge so it is its professional adoption.

        And then, apparently they aren’t just dropping USB 3.0, they’re dropping EVERY current port. Between thumb drives, external hard disks, external monitors, mechanical keyboard, development cellphones and Arduinos (software developer here) I have almost 10 devices sitting on my desk right now that would become useless if for whatever reason I needed to change my current Macbook Pro.

        I can change all of those devices but not overnight. I don’t have the money nor the time to do it in a heartbeat like Apple apparently wishes.

      • fastasleep

        I am one of those people who use my MBP for “actual real work” all day every day.

        They’re not dropping USB3, they’re dropping the USB-A port. You can get a friggin’ USB-A to USB-C adapter for like a few bucks on Monoprice or something and move on with your life. Or a dock for multiple types of connections. Nobody is forcing you to go buy new external hardware to replace everything all of a sudden.

      • AirieFenix

        Yes, I could, it’s just I’m not a really big fan of carrying adapters for about everything. Once again, HDMI, Magsafe, SD card slot, mini Display Port and USB Type-A (thanks for the correction, I know the difference but maybe I was being over-simplistic); that’s a lot of backwards compatibility taken away in a second.

        A more balanced 2 Type-C 2 Type-A would be great. Right now I enjoy carrying my laptop and not care about adapters and dongles. Pretty much anything just works, including HDMI monitors (which was a huge revelation after years of Apple avoiding it).

        Anyway, I’m happy with my current MBP. If nothing disastrous happen I’m planning on keeping it until next year, maybe more so I don’t think it will be a huge problem for me. I just described my current situation because I know it’s the same for a lot of people, that’s it. Greetings!

      • fastasleep

        Yeah, all I’m saying is I think people make it all out to be more of a problem than it is. We all find ways to move forward, or you hold off on upgrading until you’re comfortable with the changes. There’s just an awful lot of handwringing over something that has happened dozens of times before and hasn’t ruined anyone’s life along the way.

        That said, we don’t even know if this chassis was even finished, for all we know it was about to go through another pass in the machine to have more slots knocked out.

      • Ryan Villanueva

        My bigger worry though is the keyboard. Given they will be using their fancy scissor switches for it, I still hope it will have a bit more travel than those cheap calculator feeling keyboards the rMacbooks have,

      • Sho’nuff, O Shogun do Harlem


      • You know that we are in 2016. Right?

      • fastasleep

        Please tell me you’re being “funny”

      • Yeah, just trying to make a joke

      • fastasleep

        I get jokes!

      • Zunaid Ahmed

        Anyone noticed no magsafe charging port? The only one thing I really have to criticize Apple for if they drop it.

      • fastasleep

        You don’t have to, actually.

      • Zunaid Ahmed

        Right….. Apple used magsafe in the first place to prevent people tripping over the wire and pulling the notebook, if they use USB-C now, wouldn’t that mean they just went a step back? I really like the magsafe because I don’t have to look at the ports in dark rooms, now it just makes lees sense. BTW, they better now remove the white apple LED logo on the display lid, thats pretty iconic too.

    • Spiffers

      USB-C is USB, so yeah, you nailed it. And probably one will be a “normal” USB-C with charging, and the three others will be Thunderbolt 3, giving more than enough professional connectivity.

    • avatsaev

      a really wanted a floppy drive too, come on Apple!

    • Ryan Villanueva

      Yep USB-C is definitely the wave of the future. This is exciting tech for me and we will eventually get there but at the moment and probably for the next year or two it is probably going to be initially expensive and inconvenient adopting USB-C considering the old USB style port is so ubiquitous.

      I just bought my iMac and Macbook Pro a year ago so I shall keep these machines running for the next 3 to five years so I wait with bated breath where the industry and market takes the USB standard.

    • darwiniandude

      No RS232 serial?

    • Sergeant Potato

      The same with the iPad.. It’s a Pro device, but it runs a mobile OS.. What’s the point of all those specs when they aren’t used?

  • Mike

    where is the room for the arrow keys???

    • Spiffers

      Maybe the left and right arrows will share slot with two other magic keys. Today the up and down arrow share one slot. Maybe it will be home and end?

    • avatsaev

      just like this

  • Mehdi R

    Where is SD reader? Hope to see border less LCD.

    • Lars Jeppesen

      Dell XPS has that

  • AdamTro

    Arrow keys gone :(

    • Ryan

      I think the arrow keys are still right there, and the three equal-sized cutouts on the bottom right will make this match the keyboard layout of the 12″ MacBook.

    • Sandy

      They are in same place in those photos as they are on my Apple wireless keyboard. Bottom 3 spaces on the right.

  • Airton

    No physical ESC key?

    • UZ

      I expect it to be swapped with the key next to “1”, which is a lesser used key compared to “Esc”.

      • Benjamin Dobell

        Haha, Tilde? I absolutely guarantee that won’t happen. That key would be pressed 1000-10000% more often than the “Esc”. Does Escape even do anything on Mac? I don’t think I’ve ever used it. Tilde (and backticks) I would press at least 50 times a day. “~/” (Home directory), `shell commands` etc.

      • UZ

        On ISO keyboards it’s § and ±, that’s really what I was referring to.

      • Benjamin Dobell

        Ah, fair enough. Yeah, those aren’t exactly high priority characters!

      • The key next to 1 on my MacBook Pro keyboard has a section sign (§) and an apostrophe. It’s a Norwegian keyboard layout. I think one would at least need to keep the apostrophe.

    • Jeff

      On the plus side, we won’t have to worry about it not being evenly lit, like on the MacBook.

  • Tim Dawes

    slate grey also? yes pls. only upgraded 12 months ago but may have to buy a new one early

  • Slam999

    This is probably the 15 inch model since it is the only one with speaker grills on either side of the keyboard

    • Michael slampak

      This ^ there is plenty of room for this design to be a 15″ model if they slim up the bezels a bit. I’m looking to trade up from an older 2008 13″ macbook pro – I’m looking to bump up to a 15″. It would be awesome if it gained no physical width, as well as slimmed up on the depth!

      • Lars Jeppesen

        They won’t. Apple is the King of huge bezels.
        Look at their phones!
        Bezels from Hell

    • Jeff

      13″, no doubt. Look at the comparison. If this is a 15″, the keys are enormous.

      • brtravel

        It does look to be the same size as the previous 13″, but hopefully they slimmed the bezels and fit a 14″. I’m hoping for 14″ and 16″ in the size, though slightly thinner, as the previous 13/15.

      • Jeff

        I wouldn’t mind a size bump either, but the 13″ is so popular they might not do it. I do expect a True Tone display though. Just so long as They don’t put a 480p webcam in it or change the webcam placement, like the Dell XPS (bottom corner – YUK!)

  • Tommy Bahama

    How many people want a smaller laptop? In terms of value, eventually people will start asking am I paying more for the idea of being an Appleie, or the design, or the function. In the past Apple has been a leader in all three (I/F/F). The shine is coming off the Apple, and we can see the bruises.

    • fastasleep

      You can buy about five sizes of laptop from Apple right now, not sure what the problem is.

      • Tommy Bahama

        Currently they range from 12″ (inc.11.9), 13″, and 15″. There is no longer a seventeen inch laptop.

        My point was they are reducing the overall dimensions (i.e. Including thickness) as a primary goal, and marketing this as the primary benefit.

        My second point was size becomes the primary marketing point when innovation is slowing at a greater pace than the marketplace, even though they are filing multiple patents.

      • fastasleep

        The 17″ died four years ago, because essentially nobody bought them. You know why? Because people DO want smaller laptops. The 17″ was a niche market, and if people were clamoring for huge laptops, they wouldn’t have killed it. Aside from that model, yes people want thinner/lighter machines, why else would everyone including Apple be heading that direction? You can hope all day they’ll announce the new 8lb 18″ MacBook Pro but it’s not going to happen.

        With any luck, we’ll have a really nice display that’s larger than the current 13″/15″ display, in a similar footprint (eg 14″/16″ with less bezel), and much thinner and lighter — which would be great all around. What’s not to like?

        You apparently have ignored *every* other aspect of their marketing if you only see size.

        The innovation comment is… like, your opinion dude. Circular reasoning for the win!

      • Tommy Bahama

        I believe the 17″ screen died because Apple was not able to produce a Retina display that was cost effective for the consumer to purchase.

        As for no one wanting a 17″ screen, just look at the Windows marketplace. By your own reasoning if there wasn’t a market these companies wouldn’t be offering these computers for sale in the marketplace.

      • fastasleep

        I agree on the retina display issue. Estimates were something like 50,000 units of the 17″ selling in a quarter where there were 3.1million MacBook sales. I admit “essentially nobody” is a bit hyperbolic on my part, but that’s pretty low volume in the bigger picture.

        I try not to look at the Windows marketplace.

        Considering we are only looking at pictures of a 13″ MBP, how do you know they’re not planning to release a 20″ alongside it? You don’t, and neither do I.

      • Tommy Bahama

        I also try to avoid the Windows market, but I look from time to time. Recently, I saw the Lenovo Carbon X1 Yoga (2-1) with a 14″ premium OLED screen, and pencil to write on the screen. This has the idea (innovation in software and hardware), the design, and the functionality.

        My first thought was “Why wasn’t Apple here first with this type of product”? This would be a great question to pose to Apple’s CEO.

      • fastasleep

        And he’d tell you they’d rather make a great laptop and a great tablet instead of a thing that does a lousy job trying to be both. A laptop that bends over backwards or turns inside out to become a tablet seems like a stupid gimmick to me, but what do I know. Also, it’s ugly as hell.

      • Tommy Bahama

        Currently they range from 12″ (inc.11.9), 13″, and 15″. There is no longer a seventeen inch laptop.

        My point was they are reducing the overall dimensions (i.e. Including thickness) as a primary goal, and marketing this as the primary benefit.

        My second point was size becomes the primary marketing point when innovation is slowing at a greater pace than the marketplace, even though they are filing multiple patents.

  • Thomas Burris

    Seems legit… But those USB-C ports don’t exactly line up nicely in that really grainy photo.

  • From reliable source:

    2016: OLED function keys
    2017: OLED number keys
    2018: OLED Q-P keys
    2019: OLED A-L keys
    2020: OLED Z-M keys
    2021: OLED the rest

  • Test@gmail.com

    Ummm, where do there arrow keys go?

    • Ryan

      Same as they were before, but the three equal cutouts match the layout of the 12″ MacBook.

  • just_me_1006

    More interested in faster CPU, more cores, larger drive, and more memory then oled F keys. How about an oled main display.

    • Jeff

      We’ll see an OLED iPhone (2017 if the rumors are to be believed) and an OLED iPad before we see an OLED MacBook. There are still concerns about burnin and accurate color reproduction so I’m perfectly happy with the LCD retina for now. And if they give this a True Tone display like the iPad Pro, then I’ll be really happy. 4K makes some sense for video editing, but that’s gotta drain the battery. Apple won’t sacrifice battery life. Right now OLED is great for watching movies but not much else IMO.

      • just_me_1006

        OK forget the OLED display.

  • Marcus2012

    The Retina has always had a 16GB option. I got the very first 2012 model with it.

  • Robert Reid

    We can assume most purchasers of the new MBP with USB-C will be updating their iPhone and new ear buds. So why not ditch the audio jack and replace it with a Lightning socket, reducing the number of sockets across Apple’s range?!

    • No no no! Because the majority of pro headphones rely on audio sockets, and that would force a ubiquitous amount of users to buy lightning headphones or use shitty dongles. I pray this doesn’t happen to the iPhone, and I can’t imagine them ditching it on the MBP.

    • AirieFenix

      I know many people with Macbooks Pro using Android phones. I’m one of them.

      Either way, I already have a bunch of nice headphones and speakers here and there. I don’t want to change all of them.

  • Jeff

    I’m worried an OLED function bar display, with its perfect blacks, will only make the actual retina display look like garbage. Glass touchpad, glass OLED bar…plastic keys? I wish they would just go all in with glass/ force touch.

    • fastasleep

      Worried? About the OLED bar and display you haven’t seen yet?

      • Jeff

        Yes. This is what keeps me up at night.

  • Sho’nuff, O Shogun do Harlem

    What a frustration ! This is not a thin mac as the rumors spread around. Looks like I will not replace my old MBA for a new MBP…Probably will be the mb12

    • Jeff

      Looks pretty thin to me. In fact, the current MacBook Pro isn’t much thicker than the new MacBook at it’s thickest point. The only difference is the MacBook is lighter and tappers at the front. Personally, I like this design better. As for its weight, we’ll just have to see.

      • Sho’nuff, O Shogun do Harlem

        Yeah, but MBP is very heavy. Be thin is not exactly my concern,but I wish something very light to use…since this new MBP looks not so thin, I presume it will be heavy. I bought a MBP few months ago and I returned to Amazon and decided to continue with my MBA.

    • AirieFenix

      If you are thinking about replacing your current MBA for a Macbook then you don’t need a Pro.

      • Sho’nuff, O Shogun do Harlem

        MBA is the perfect balance bw power and portability. You are a bir right: I need a new MBA with retina. I’m a coder – not a gamer or 3d designer, etc.

  • A Windows User

    Why did they dump Thunderbolt?
    Isn’t it faster than USB-C?

    • Cameron

      Thunderbolt 3 uses the USB-C connector, so you can have both in the same port.

  • Considering the amount of usage MacBook Pros get from musicians, photographers and videographers, the removal of the SD card slot seems very odd. Not particularly looking forward to carrying round adapters again.

    • AirieFenix

      Exactly my thoughts.

  • darwiniandude

    On existing models, the speakers are located at the lower left and right edges of the trackpad area, on either side of the battery, but vent sound outwards through gaps in the bottom of the keyboard, between the keys, on the left and right hand side.

    The MacBook Air also features speakers in the same location.

    The change to a MacBook style keyboard removes the air gap for sound, so they must be relocated. MacBook speakers sound far superior to those on the Air, so I hold high hopes for this.

    Perhaps the author was thinking of old non-Retina 2012 and earlier MacBook Pro models which despite also having speakers either side of the keyboard, had a single ‘sub woofer’ at the top of the DVD drive near the hinge area. It was the white plastic MacBook models of 2006-2008 which had speakers hear facing into the hinge area.

  • ChappaWappa

    No Magsafe charging connector? That has been one of the best differentiating features for macbooks for the longest time now

  • Daniel Best

    USB C ports? I strongly hate having to carry around adapters to use anything especially on a PRO level piece of equipment.

  • Sam

    I find it interesting that the picture shows the MBP will retain the 3.5mm audio port. If the “all but confirmed” rumors are true and Apple is dropping it from the next iPhone, don’t you think they would do the same with the 2016 MBP to help move the change along?

    • Fingers crossed all those rumors about the iPhone dropping it are also false. Not looking forward to dongles for my nice headphones. Its a totally different gripe over people annoyed by the switch to usb-c, as that is the new industry standard. Apple trying to push proprietary lightning headphones on everyone is not innovation, just frustration.

      • AirieFenix

        I think both changes are equally ridiculous. Yes, USB Type C is the new standard but in a pro-level computer you should also care about backwards compatibility. More when we are talking about USB, which didn’t change its form factor for many years.

        USB-C will replace USB-A ports eventually but Apple shouldn’t ask its pro users to change dozens of peripherals overnight. Keeping two USB 3.0 + one or two USB-C would be a nice balance. Two years from now go full Type C.

  • Nenad Katic

    I wish Apple considered Razer Core approach to combine mobility with REAL performance.

  • Dylan Austen

    This better be released at WWDC! Been far far too long; my 2012 macbook pro is starting to feel like an old man on life support.

    • Fearless_fx

      Really? My 2008 unibody is still going strong… I’m just interested in this new iteration for a retina display and reduced weight.

      • Dylan Austen

        It’s not the speed with my 2012 Mbp that’s an issue, it’s just it has no screen so it is constantly connected to a monitor to keep it working.

        I’m hoping the estimated dates are off, as they often are and have been in the past, and it is released August time. That would be my guess at least, with a new Thunderbolt Display announced at WWDC along side MacOS and the new MBP. I don’t think Apple can afford to hold out much longer.

  • Please put a 32GB RAM cherry on top!

  • katy sei

    Oled bar is a great idea, but apple should also move to 4k screens.

    • Jeff

      I think 4K would benefit video editors but I’m not sure about everyone else – unless you watch a lot of 4K content on your laptop, but even then at 13″ and 15″ it’s probably overkill. Not to mention the growing pains with developers adopting the higher res. It’s possible, but I would expect Apple to carry over the improvements they made on the iPad Pro display to the new MacBook Pro.

  • Why should the launchpad button be not available while I’m using Photoshop? Umh

  • Al

    The images of the sides are too Photoshopped. Apple would be crazy to have zero USB ports for a Pro machine right now. Nope, nope, nope.

  • Sosld

    $2000 + for an oled touch pad… What a gimmick who cares ! You can already have keyboard shortcuts with any program you like just use bettersnaptool . Furthermore 4 tiny usb c connectors that we will have to buy adapters for to get our already existing usb devices to work with. There better be more significant upgrades than this if people are to buy…. :-/

  • Gregale

    That looks an awful lot like the touch sensitive OLED “Active Keyboard” F-keys that Lenovo used in the 2014 model of its X1 Carbon laptop. The X1 was an otherwise superior laptop that was a nightmare to use because of those F-keys. It was way too easy to brush across the active key areas and inadvertently trigger cascades of windows opening, audio changes, accidental screen shots, and so on. Further, the context sensitive keys were much less helpful than they sounded or appeared in demos. Lenovo’s implementation was so disastrous that they withdrew the Active Keyboard from the market and reverted back to standard button keys within a year. Maybe Apple will do a much better job than Lenovo, but given their questionable design choices in recent years, I can’t say I have a lot of confidence in them.

  • jacob

    I just have a question, if this is real, then where the fuck do you then turn the computer on? since the wake/sleep button is a oled screen it cant function without the mac powered on??? seems kind of wierd to me….

  • Portzblitz

    Correction, politely: Speakers were never behind the keyboard on the MacBook Pro, they where on the sides, as they will still be now.. allegedly, according to the leak anyway; You’re thinking about the plain MacBooks (speakers in the hinge before, and on the new iteration, a strip above the keyboard).


  • Jeff

    I expect this to be announced at WWDC. The OLED touchbar is going to require support from developers and WWDC – consisting entirely of developers – would be the ideal venue to unveil this new tech. Announced at WWDC, available in the fall.

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  • Freya

    For someone like me, who doesn’t have any USB-C devices, and needs a HDMI port, what’s the point in buying the new one when it’s gonna scrap all of that? Smooth Apple…

    • I’d like at least one old usb port alongside all the usb-c ports. But skylake is the most exciting thing about the MBP.

  • Organisedbeauty

    If these pictures have leaked, it has to be in production. Does that mean they’ll release at WWDC or later this year? Does anyone here have more knowledge of Apple production schedules?

  • Dean

    I’ve just bought a new Macbook Pro 13″. I haven’t opened it yet, do I wait until they confirm a release date for the Macbook Pro? Will it be likely towards the end of the year?

  • Sean

    you killed the usb ports. that is really a bad news, most of my peripherals would not work anymore.

  • Anon Ymous

    No HDMI port??! Really annoying when you travel with people and the hotel blocks chromecast/streamers from connecting to their network.

  • Al

    Ease up fellas. This is Apple. You still can’t move apps around on the screen and place them where you want in iOS9, they put a 480p camera in the Macbook AND the refreshed version, iTunes is a mess…do you really think the Macbook Pro will only have USB-C ports? There would be an uprising from all of the Pro users that use this for business.

    Further…OLED strip? Why? That’s dumb. You can customize the keys already. Unnecessary technology.

    These are faked.

  • Do Do

    I hope you’re wrong. No usb 3, no sale for quite a while. I’ll stick with my mid 2015. Too bad as I was going to give this one to the wife and buy a 2016.

  • Daniel Lestrange

    Unfortunately this is hilarious.
    Speakers in a Mac Book Pro never are above the keyboard but besides the key board.
    That proves those pics are false.
    Further more if apple is gonna ditch the ports, they will die.
    Mac Book Pro is not a toy, like macbook
    It’s a working stations

    Please do not spread incensed and hilarious, badly researched information

  • Pleeese let a touch ID be true, for those of us who live alone with no danger of another using their macbook,passwords are the pits & the bane of my life !
    It could become as real as autofil which is a godsend too.

  • Tim Mustoe

    If it’s true that the design will only carry USB-C, what will become of Thunderbolt?

  • Ryan Villanueva

    I’m really excited for USB-C. For me this is the ideal universal plug that I have always dreamed off but I wonder how long will it take for it to be as ubiquitous as the standard USB port. Many argue that the USB-A form factor is going its way like the floppy disks but unlike the floppy disk that was already quite useless by the time USB came out because of the need to move bigger data like multimedia content, USB-A has still a lot of life left in it. Also back in the time of floppy disks, much fewer people had computers so adoption of the new USB standard was much easier as the majority of the market has yet to buy a computer let alone a gadget for their home. Today much much more people already have computers and gadgets than ever before in the history of mankind, I can only assume that the old USB-a is as deep seated and ubiquitous as ever. These factors makes me wonder how fast or how long adoption of “C” will take.

  • I love you all its a freaking laptop and its apple it will be amazing we know that!