WhatsApp for the web gets PDF sharing


2016-05-13 14.43.41
WhatsApp on the web.
Photo: Killian Bell/Cult of Mac

You can now share PDF documents with friends and colleagues using the WhatsApp web client in your browser. The feature was previously only available on mobile, and inside WhatsApp’s new desktop app for Mac and PC.

WhatsApp finally added document sharing for the first time in early March, meaning users no longer had to switch to third-party apps. Initially, users could only send PDF files, but WhatsApp has since added the ability to send others, such as Word documents and text files.

Now it’s making PDF sharing available in WhatsApp for the web, where it’s even more useful. Most of us store our PDF files on our computers, so the ability to send them from there — without having to transfer them to our iPhones first — saves lots of time.

Presumably, WhatsApp will allow others files to be shared from its web client later — as it did with its mobile apps — but for now the feature will only find files in PDF format.

If you haven’t already setup WhatsApp Web, you can do so by visiting web.whatsapp.com in your browser. You will be presented with a QR code, which you can then scan with the WhatsApp app on your phone. Just tap “Settings,” then “WhatsApp” web.

Via: Android Central