Clash of Clans maker warns gamers to play fair — or else


Hit mobile game developer Supercell has a few words of warning for cheaters.
Hit mobile game developer Supercell has a few words of warning for cheaters.
Photo: Supercell

Quit cheating, or face the consequences, says top mobile developer Supercell, the team behind insanely popular games Clash of Clans and Clash Royale.

With the incredible popularity of these two top iOS mobile games, it’s no wonder that Supercell has had to crack down on cheaters.

Long-running Clash of Clans is estimated to bring in $1.2 million per day, while Clash Royale, out just last month, has already topped that with an estimated $1.5 million per day and an estimated 52,500 daily installs of the newer hit mobile title.

That’s a ton of people playing these games, and — as they’re highly competitive — there are also a fair number who use various third-party apps and bots to win by cheating. Some tweaks and mods allow players to seem active on Clash of Clans even when they’re not (helping defend against in-game attacks), while others will give shady players extra in-game currency without paying for them.

In a blog post today, Supercell reminded its player base that cheating would not be tolerated, as the dev team was stepping up its commitment to Fair Play, the initiative it uses to thwart and otherwise ban cheaters from ruining the game experience for everyone.

“The goal? Provide a level playing field for everyone,” writes the developer. “As part of our Fair Play policy, players using prohibited 3rd party software will face disciplinary action, including but not limited to: permanent ban.”

The team considers using bot and mods as cheating, and “strongly encourage” players to take those types of apps off of their devices. The team goes further, saying that the warning is not a “one time thing,” but part of a continuing initiative to safeguard all its games and players going forward.

Not only does cheating affect other players, but it has a noticeable effect on the game developer’s bottom line: if people are winning without using the in-game economies and in-app purchases, there’s no reason to buy items that will enhance their chances to win.

If players continue to use third-party software, engage in unauthorized gem selling and game economy abuse, or buy and sell game accounts, says Supercell, they will be subject to penalties including revoked currency, temporary game suspension, and even permanent closure of their game account.

Of course, that just means dedicated cheaters will create new accounts, but for semi-honest folks that just want to get ahead, these penalties can matter.

If you’re a Supercell fan, try to get better at the games by watching tutorials online and practicing.

Because, as Supercell says, “Please keep your account safe by avoiding all of these issues. It really isn’t worth your time or money.”

Source: Supercell
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