How to wipe your iPhone clean


Selling your iPhone? Wiping it clean before you hand it off is easy.
If you want to sell your iPhone for some quick cash, here's now to erase it.
Photo: Ed Gregory

There are plenty of reasons you might want to wipe your iPhone of its data. Whether you’re selling it through our Apple gear buyback program, recycling it or handing it down, wiping your iPhone is a simple and effective way to keep your information safe. 

Before you wipe iPhone of all data

First things first, if you have your iPhone paired with another device like an Apple Watch, make sure you’ve unpaired the iPhone from the watch.

Next, back up your iPhone data on your computer. Either over Wi-Fi or by taking the cord and plugging the phone into your computer, make sure you’ve backed up all your information and that it’s safely on your Mac or PC.

Then go to settings, tap on iCloud, and sign out of your account.

Now tap sign out again, then tap delete from my iPhone and enter your password to completely wipe your iCloud info from your phone.

How to wipe iPhone completely

Next go back to settings, tap General and scroll to the bottom. Tap reset and then tap erase all content and settings. You might have to enter your password a few times, depending on your settings.

Now your iPhone will restart and be ready to set up like a new iPhone. This is an easy way to keep your information in your hands and out of others.

Although our fixer crew preforms this service on all the devices we receive if the seller hasn’t done it already, taking these few steps ensures extra security.

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