8 easy ways to speed up your Mac


Slow Mac
Get your Mac back up to speed with these handy tips!
Photo: Ste Smith/Cult of Mac

We all know a Mac is the best computer. It’s the most reliable, the least fuss and usually the most snappy. But, as with all computers, the trusty Macintosh can also become sluggish after a while.

In today’s Cult of Mac video, we’re going to show you eight easy, useful tips to speed up your Mac.


Along with some fairly obvious tips such as removing unused apps, in this video we also show you how to reset your System Management Controller, or SMC, which can help fix any Wi-Fi and hardware problems or startup issues.

More ways to speed up your Mac

If eight tips isn’t enough, we’ve got another handful of tips in our “5 easy ways to speed up your Mac” video, one of our most popular videos to date. Some tips are out-of-date now, such as thinning out the dashboard, but most still stand true.

Be sure to give those a go if your Mac is still not feeling refreshed.

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