Apple plans to build its own cloud with ridiculously named project


Apple can only benefit by building its own data centers.
Photo: Bob Mical/Flickr CC

Apple is looking to decrease its reliance on data infrastructure that it currently outsources to Amazon Web Services and Microsoft Azure.

Dubbed “Project McQueen,” the new project is meant to speed up Apple’s cloud services, like moving photos and videos onto your iOS devices.

Apple has purchased land in China and Hong Kong to build data centers, and hopes to cover these costs with savings based on having its own data infrastructure.

According to sources that spoke to VentureBeat’s Jordan Novet, Apple’s not happy with the current speed of Azure and Amazon Web Services, both of which hold nearly all of iTunes content.

Apple could also be looking at using Google’s public cloud while it builds Project McQueen.

The project grew out of a conversation between a Microsoft staffer and an Apple employee, with the Microsoft person saying Apple’s explosive growth could lead to higher data costs with Azure.

Public cloud infrastructure is great for startups and smaller companies, but larger corporations like Dropbox and Instagram need to manage their own data storage to keep prices down.

Novet points out that Apple’s already built data centers, mostly for iCloud, so this new plan fits right in with its larger outlook on managing its own data center systems without having to pay cloud fees. As the tech world increasingly moves to cloud-based services and data storage, it makes a lot of sense for Apple to control its own destiny and get data to its users in faster and less costly ways.

In addition, while Apple doesn’t currently offer as many online services as, say, Amazon or Microsoft, it may be more able to do so in the future without adding any of its record profits and cash hoard to another company’s bottom line.

Source: VentureBeat

  • Martin Dobson

    Well…. They already have ‘Lightning’… And Steve Jobs helped found Pixar… And Pixar made ‘Cars’… And cars’s main character was “Lightning McQueen” Voilá there’s the 4 degrees of separation. Who can finish up the 3 more to get to Kevin Bacon?

  • AAPL.To.Break.$130.Soon>:-)

    You think Apple’s project name is ridiculous even after hearing most of Google’s project’s names and Android OS names? I can only shake my head in disbelief. Besides, what’s in a name anyway? It only matters whether the project is successful or not.

  • Sergey

    A.) Nobody is forcing you to backup your phone to the cloud. You can turn off this feature while setting up your phone it’s all there. Nobody promised you free unlimited cloud storage for any kind of backup.
    Samsung also isn’t giving you a cloud backup solution. In fact you can’t make any kind of a normal backup with android out of the box.
    B.) The gear VR is a glitch and nothing more. It is a nice demo of what things can be if they actually worked and leaves the rest for your imagination.
    Screen resolution is too low for the VR and you end up seeing all these terrible pixels. Refresh rates are terrible, you can literally see screen flickering sometimes in some bright contrast scenes.
    Phone can’t handle even those simple graphics because it overheats every few minuets and you have to wait or continue using it at 15 FPS!
    So, there is a reason why apple did not release any gimmicky dummy VR, simply because it is not there yet. It is not user friendly and it’s got a poor quality.