Make your app look badass with free trial of Adobe XD


Get prototyping right on your Mac, for free.
Get prototyping right on your Mac, for free.
Photo: Adobe

If you’ve been itching to design the next big app in your spare time, Adobe’s just made it easier with a free trial of its user interface (UI) design tool, Experience Design (XD) CC for Mac.

Previously known as Project Comet, Adobe XD is a full-fledged design tool that lets you prototype mobile or web apps fast, and you can download a free preview right now.

As part of Adobe’s Creative Cloud design system, you can grab your own preview copy and get started wireframing, creating visual designs, and seeing your changes in real time. You’ll be able to share prototypes of your mobile or web app with the rest of your team (if you have one) directly from the XD app.

Better yet, Adobe says it’s adding new features every month, and it’s even got a few tutorials to get you started.

Prototyping just got easier.
Prototyping just got easier.
Photo: Adobe

When you launch the XD app from your Creative Cloud menu, you can get started with pre-made templates for Android, iOS, and even Windows Phone. Anyone familiar with a graphics program like Adobe’s own Photoshop will be able to quickly adjust or modify the visual elements in the templates, or just create something from scratch in a few simple clicks.

In addition to the visual style of your next killer app, Adobe XD lets you create links between different layouts and build a complete prototype of your app’s screens. Once created, you can then hit the Prototype button and see how all your elements work together to create a seamless app experience. Once you’ve done all this work, you can send it off to your coders (or start coding yourself, you superstar).

Adobe will be adding more enhanced design features like gradients, rich text, effects and blend modes, and more advanced behaviors, including scrollable content and micro-interactions. They also hope to integrate Adobe Stock, as well.

If you’re serious about making apps for mobile or the web, Adobe XD CC is going to be your new best friend, and you can get a free head start on it right now on your Mac with your Adobe ID. A Windows version is in the works, but there’s no word on pricing as of yet.

  • Barry Marshall

    Well if it’s like Flash or Adobe Reader I’d stay away from it. Adobe software seem to have a knack of being totally insecure.

    • Rob LeFebvre

      It’s more like Lightroom and Photoshop – two amazing bits of software that don’t have the problems that, say, Flash has.