Awesome 360-degree space battle game puts you right in the action [Reviews]


Stellar Wanderer is a space sim with both action and style.
Stellar Wanderer is a space sim with both action and style.
Photo: Rob LeFebvre/Cult of Mac

Stellar Wanderer gets right into the action with space battles from the very first mission, which takes place in the full 360 degrees of your spaceship viewport.

You’ll take to the vastness of interstellar space, populated by huge space stations, rugged traders, and (obviously) hordes of space pirates to complete missions given to you by mysterious individuals and then taking the reward money to upgrade your craft and piloting skills.

There’s a lot of space in space, and you’ll feel every kilometer of it when you drop into Stellar Wanderer on your iPhone or iPad.

Check out the gorgeous launch trailer below.

Publisher Crescent Moon Games has another hit on its hands with this mission-based space dogfight and asteroid mining simulator that will recall the greatness of games like Galaxy on Fire and Eve Online.

Every moment is gorgeous, from the dark depths of deep space to the pink and blue-tinged galaxy-spanning areas that host space station casinos and military drop points. You’ll move from jump point to beacon, fighting off variously vicious space pirates and bad guys while grabbing enough ore from nearby planetoids and asteroids to keep your hull repaired and your reputation growing.

An early mission has you mining for precious metals.
An early mission has you mining for precious metals.
Photo: Crescent Moon Games

The missions play out with full voiceovers and you’ll have your choice of main or sub-quests to keep the action flowing. The controls are solid (you can choose tilt controls or onscreen joystick), with some auto-targeting and heads up displays thrown in so that you don’t get too bogged down in the details of spaceflight. Distances between stations and asteroids or jump gates are immense, so you’ll spend a fair amount of time just aiming your prow off into the distance, with only a couple of speed boosts and time dilation buttons to ease the monotony.

The combat is intense and super fun, especially when you’re given a target to protect along a shipping route. You’ll have to spin around in every direction to get the bad guys off the trail of a cargo ship or freighter, while being sure to stay close enough to your ally to keep them safe.

Bottom line, if you’re into gorgeous space games with some fun battles and a decent storyline doled out with mission-based gameplay, Stellar Wanderer is a great one to pick up for an affordable five bucks.


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