Here’s what Apple’s flagship store in Sweden will look like


Apple's upcoming store in Stockholm.
Apple's upcoming store in Stockholm.
Photo: Feber

Apple has unveiled its plans to build a flagship store in the heart of Stolkholm, Sweden, and it’s just as gorgeous as you’d expect.

Wendy Beckman, head of Apple retail stores in Europe, presented the proposal at Kulturhuset in Stockholm, complete with a miniature model on display for the public. The new Apple Store borrows some designs elements from the iconic Fifth Ave Apple Store with a large glass box comprising the store space, with a stylish metal roof on top.

The proposed store would blend in with the Royal Garden, surrounded by fountains, cafe tables, a large pool, and tons of trees. Visitors will be able to stop by around the clock to enjoy the beautiful scenery and free Wi-Fi.

Check out the 3D model of the new store:

  • CoyoteDen

    It will ship in a big flat box and have to be assembled using one dinky allen wrench.

  • hagander

    Well, the roof will not be made by metal, but from locally produced wood. And the Fifth Avenue iconic glass box is not near the looks of this store. Two of the four walls will be glass walls, but most Apple Stores have large glass walls.

    Also, the trees, fountains, pools etc are already in the park. None of that is added by Apple.

    One notable thing though is that Apple won’t have any big Apple logo on the building or in the windows, they simply want the store to blend in as much as possible, and think that the looks itself will tell that the store is an Apple Store.