You’ll really like this adorable little speaker


You just want to touch it, right?
You just want to touch it, right?
Photo: Rob LeFebvre/Cult of Mac

Best List: Sugr Cube wireless speaker by Sugr

Oh, my, is this a cute little speaker. It’s so adorable that I’ve waited through three software updates and spent more time charging the speaker to test than almost any other one I’ve ever reviewed.

Why? Because this thing is drop-dead adorable. The Sugr Cube looks like something straight out of Cupertino: I wouldn’t be surprised to find one sitting on an Apple retail store display table before long.

In addition to its good looks, the Sugr Cube packs some great touch and motion controls. You can tilt it right or left to go to the next track on your streaming playlist, and you can tap the top of the little round-cornered cube to play or pause your music.

A softly tactile knob on the back lets you control the volume when your iPhone is way across the room and you need a quick adjustment. The battery is charged via micro-USB and seems to last for hours of loud music.

The Sugr Cube uses Wi-Fi and AirPlay to output any sound source you like, including Apple Music and iTunes from your iPhone, iPad or Mac. Spotify Connect functionality means you can use the Spotify app to control your tunes.

The speaker also streams from various internet radio stations directly over Wi-Fi, so you won’t need your iPhone connection (or get bugged by phones calls and other mood-spoiling notifications).

You’re supposed to also be able to import songs from the iTunes library on your iPhone or Mac, too, but I’ve only succeeded in crashing the Sugr Cube control app when doing so. In addition, the Sugr Cube app — essential to set up the speaker in the first place — is pretty unintuitive (and full of typographical errors). Ah, well.

As a music speaker, though, the Sugr Cube is great. It sounds fantastic for its size and price point, with clear upper tones and a solid bass for something so small. The classy maple (or cherry) wooden finish just can’t be beat; it fits in with any decor, whether your place looks like a museum or a dorm room.

I’m glad I waited for Sugr to get the firmware updated, because this is a solid, gorgeously designed product that will only get better over time (the team assures me that two-Sugr stereo support is just around the corner).

If you’re looking for a great-sounding, beautiful speaker with touch and motion controls that can handle a variety of sound sources and apps, the Sugr Cube is pretty damn sweet.

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