Microsoft’s next iPhone app will be an iOS keyboard


Microsoft's Word Flow keyboard is coming to iOS.
Microsoft's Word Flow keyboard is coming to iOS.
Photo: Windows Central

Under new CEO Satya Nadella, Microsoft has been releasing all sorts of software for iOS, including Office and lesser apps like Microsoft Selfie. But the next app you install from Microsoft on your iPhone could be a replacement keyboard, ripped straight out of Windows Phone.

The Verge claims that it has been forwarded an email sent to Microsoft Insider testers, asking for beta users to trial an iPhone version of their Word Flow keyboard.

If you’re not a Windows Phone user, Word Flow is Microsoft’s default keyboard for its smartphones, and it’s widely hailed as one of the best aspects of the operating system. Like Swype or Android’s default keyboard, Word Flow allows you to trace words, as well as hunt and peck them. But Word Flow also has a lot of smarts, and can even do things like, say, suggest an emoji you might want to include in your text message, based on content.

Here’s a video of Word Flow in action:

I’d personally be interested in trying Word Flow on iOS. I’ve never really found a keyboard for iPhone I think can replace default one, although to be fair, that has just as much to do with iOS’s buggy and slow integration of third-party keyboards than a problem with the options out there.

Source: The Verge