Screw the Apple Watch. This is the most personal device ever.


vSculpt really is an intimate device.
Photo: Traci Dauphin/Cult of Mac

Cult of Mac CES 2016 full coverage Navigating the many health devices on the CES show floor, I came across the vSculpt booth and stopped dead in my tracks. Mainly because it looked like a sex toy and they were giving away red panties (best swag ever).

But what I assumed was just a basic vibrator is actually a medical device used for vaginal rejuvenation therapy.

What is vaginal rejuvenation therapy, you ask? vSculpt maker Joylux recommends vaginal rejuvenation therapy for women who have had multiple children and/or menopausal woman who want stronger bladder control, enhanced vaginal sensation and improved sexual health and wellness.

The vSculpt uses nine red and infrared lights to help repair nerve damage and improve muscle tone. (Gentle heat increases blood flow for tissue healing.)

To use it, you simply insert the vSculpt into the vagina for 10 minutes three times a week. It works best with their photonic gel (sold separately). The gentle heat and relaxing vibrations supposedly make the vSculpt pleasing to use. A related iPhone app will track your usage.

The vSculpt is available for $345. Listen to Joylux CEO and founder Collette Courtion discuss the device’s benefits.

  • bdkennedy11

    I am “this close >< " to deleting this site from my bookmarks.

  • Jordan Clemons

    Let’s take a step back here to fully appreciate this moment. An Apple rumors site just posted an article on a vaginal rejuvenation device…. I just didn’t want anyone to miss that. CultofvSculpt?

    • wlym

      It’s on an Apple rumours site because it’s a product made specifically for iPhone users. Android users don’t need a vaginal rejuvenator as they’re already perfect c*nts.


  • Alex Van Gorp

    The fact this headline starts with “Screw the Apple Watch”

  • Chris Jones

    That’s an expensive vibrator!

  • max

    Does it supply data to your watch ?

    • venator

      and gps coordinates if you have large thighs

      • wlym

        And it has a setup assistant called “clitty”.

  • Stefan

    I read that on “Cunt of Mac”…

  • DrMuggg

    It’s just an expensive vibrator with some fake Science applied as a sales pitch.
    It wont make your vagina any better, but I guess it’s a pleasure to use.

    In my country (Sweden) we often se ads for laser-in-your-ears-therapy (quit smoking…) and even headphones with LED’s in them. Strange beacause the ears does not have any light sensitive receptors. BUT the heat given off by the LED’s will FEEL warm and cosy in your ears – Voila! It “Works”!!!!

    It’s bogus, but people without any scientific knowledge will probably go for it.

    • Iamzonkers2

      Absolutely perfect for my hemorrhoids

  • DrMuggg

    I seriously doubt putting a vibrator up you fanny with led-lights is going to make any differerence what so ever in a medical sense.
    Using red light also seems like some very bogus idea – why is this not widespread in general medicine? It would be pretty cheap and easily implementad. Because it doesnt work. Pseudo-Science.