What glitchy software should Apple fix first?



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Walt Mossberg has had his say on what Apple needs to fix most: its software.

Now it’s your turn to weigh in with your own opinion–which specific software should Apple fix? We’ve created two polls for you to express your opinion, one for OS X on the Mac and one for iOS on the iPhone and iPad.

Is Apple Mail giving you fits on your Mac? Does Photos on your iPad not fill you with joy? Let us know in the polls below.

If we missed the software you think should be in Apple’s sights for fixing, let us know in the comments.

  • Gregg Wisniewski

    They should bring back Aperture. Photos isn’t nearly as good – except for sharing and the cloud. For editing anything beyond simple – it stinks,

    • -hh

      Agree 100% on Aperture being EOL’ed. Apple needs to understand that media information _management_ is more than the cloud and a few retouch tools.

      Unfortunately, this is just the tip of the problem in the Apple software ecosystem: we don’t buy a particular OS to sit there and watch its screen saver – – we use it to employ productive workflows to accomplish specific objectives. To this end, Apple’s ecosystem used to clearly be the best thing out there … but with the demise of Aperture/iPhoto, as well as iWeb & iDVD, the mess of iTunes and so forth, there’s not really that much which has surprised as a cohesive ecosystem for content creators to be a compelling reason to pay more for OS X over Windows.

      And that’s a tough thing for a longtime Apple customer to say.

      Plus there’s signs of purposeful “pullback” all over the map: the deletion of RAID support in Disk Manager is telegraphing Apple’s future intent to further slim down the capabilities of OS X, and similarly, the fat that Mail **still** doesn’t have some of the productivity shortcuts that have been in MS-Outlook for a decade (such as being able to hit “J” to jump to that letter in an alphabetical sort) make it an okay tool for when one’s workload is a hundred emails per month, but not when it is a hundred per day.

      But it is probably what we should expect from Cook: he’s a production workflow efficiency guy, which means that the philosophy is that secondary “nice to haves” are unnecessary elements to production efficiency and thus should be eliminated. Sorry, but that’s a narrow-minded paradigm that there’s only one production path and it is identically the same for everyone … which is a failure to think different.

      • Jon Kay

        Your 2nd paragraph is exactly how I feel about this. While I’m not a staunch Mac fan as some people, the Mac life I used to have is pretty much dead. My Mac is about 8 years old and its function now is to back up my iPhone/iPad, store music, store photos and occasionally play a game. I don’t make movies or edit photos anymore, nor do I record music in GarageBand.

    • CelestialTerrestrial

      It might have been done with some agreement with Adobe. One never knows that goes on behind the scenes. It wouldn’t surprise me if Apple made some concessions so Adobe does things on their end.

      • Lucus Bendzsa

        If they did I am glad. All the free Adobe apps on iPad are phenomenal. My iPad Pro is complete with them!

    • pjs_boston

      Photos is extensible. Try getting an extension or two from the App Store. Photos is free, so for the price of Aperture, you can buy all editing extensions you want…

    • Sacha

      Yes. They could even bring a different professional photo editing tool to the table.

  • Ken Fager

    Configurator 2 – It’s appallingly inconsistent when prepping iOS devices for deployment. The app management is somehow also worse than using iTunes. Want to automate things with an easy to use GUI interface? LOL, no. Now it’s even harder than the previous Configurator version because you have to write your own Automator scripts.

  • Diego

    Fix iTunes.

  • HBTonly

    For the love of god, fix the iOS Mail ‘cannot connect to server’ error. I’ve been dealing with this for years and it just HATES gmail accounts. I have to delete, re-add an account a minimum of once per week, maximum of twice a day (per account). It actually got WORSE and forced one of my accounts to allow less-secure connections to even work. I’ve had this on multiple accounts, on multiple iOS, on multiple iPhones. It refuses to go away, even if a new iphone is set up from scratch. And NO, using the gmail app isn’t a ‘fix’, it’s a workaround.

    • dcj001

      I do not remember ever having a problem with a gmail account with iOS Mail.

      • HBTonly

        That’s part of the problem. It’s intermittant and not everbody gets it. Also confused with Exchange server issue, or ignored because it can be bypassed by constantly deleting and re-adding each failed account.

    • Richard Liu

      I worked at MIS section and never had such problem in nearly 30 devices I’ve managed. And never heard such complains from all my friends who’d ask me to “fix” their computer whenever something goes wrong. In my experience the problem doesn’t lie in the client end but the server end. It’s the server (Google) that rejected connection request from client (your device). Check your internet connection settings and set your DNS to It’ll magically fix LOTS of things.

      • HBTonly

        Try again Richard, I said iOS, not computers. A simple search on google will confirm the issue via numerous apple discussion threads. Just because YOU or your clients don’t get a problem that a) doesnt hit everyone, and b) Is intermittent c) strikes in varying severity, doesn’t mean it doesn’t exist.

        As I don’t know the actual cause of the issue, it may very well be on Gmail’s (server) end. But the frequency that it effects iOS users, you would think either Apple would find a way to fix it themselves, or grt on Google’s case to fix it.

        Again, as the error only occurs with Gmail (aka personal) email accounts, those affected are less likely to as their work IT for help on their personal account. Some never figure it out and use their work email on iOS instead, or the gmail app, or never even sync up their accounts at all.

      • Richard Liu

        Yes these ARE iOS devices I’m talking about. To be precise, it’s about 20 iPhones and 10 iPads. My company did not ban Gmail, cause our boss, as well as many high-level managers, use their personal Google account everywhere.

        And you too have forgot ( or just ignored ) one thing: this error is NOT LIMITED TO iOS device. You WILL have the same error message even on a desktop computer with some email client applications.

        I personally have had “can’t connect to server” error occasionally. Not on my iPhone (never had such problem), but the Thunderbird Email client on my home computer. 70% of the cases will be automatically solved itself after retry within Thunderbird. 30% of the cases I’ll need to release the leased DHCP IP on my DSL broadband router. Never have to delete the account.

        I’s just plain ridiculous to “delete and re-setup account” for debugging Email related error. I’m really curious what kind of moron would suggest such ultimate stupid “solutions” to someone who have no idea how Email works.

      • Drewtlo

        I’ve had the same problem on my iOS devices with Gmail, and they occur randomly. As you mentioned, the only fix seems to be to remove the account and add it back to the configuration. If I remember the timing correctly the issue seems to have begun when I started using two-factor authentication with my Google account.

        I’ve been an email admin for about 15 years, also. So no lectures on how email works, or doesn’t work, please.

      • HBTonly

        I started a few new accounts to troubleshoot, as some people had suggested the quantity of mail left on the server was to blame, and/or the 2-factor. Those test accounts still ended up with the same issue.

    • Faslane

      yeah never had gmail issues ever, weird.

    • jameskal811

      That’s strange as I have been using gmail fine with no issues whatsoever and I’ve never had that error

  • UZ

    These polls are not working as it should in Safari on iPhone.

    • Ricardo Campelo de Magalhaes

      A vote for Safari that was never casted. Perhaps that is one reason why Safari has so few votes.

      But in my opinion, the sad part is Contacts is not even an option on iOS.

    • Rob LeFebvre

      What’s happening? Are they registering anything at all? Have you tried Requesting Desktop site (in the Share options)?

      • UZ

        Why should I have to jump through hoops? It’s an Apple site and testers should tell you this is bad software and a bad user experience. Bad move.

        For the record, there’s multiple issues.

      • Rob LeFebvre

        Oh, you totally shouldn’t – I was just wondering what you’d tried and what glitches happen. I just tried it on my iPhone and it looks like I can get one poll at a time to register my vote. Definitely will keep looking for a better poll tool for the next one – thanks for letting us know.

      • UZ

        Cool. Also consider software allowing you to change your mind before casting a vote.

      • UZ

        Oh, and while I have your attention. I don’t think Apple should fix any software. I think the should re-imagine it, like they (sometimes) do their hardware. Think radically different and focus on simplifying rather than complicating. Think holistically with attention to detail. The right solution could even mean less testing required as there’s less to go wrong. And be less arrogant and more approachable Apple, my property is still incorrect on Apple Maps, even after reporting it three times now.

  • Barry Marshall

    Fix iTunes and Calendar on OSX and Calendar and Maps os iOS 9

  • 2ndandSouth

    Aperture should not have been abandoned.

    • nwcs

      Possibly but if you get Photos plugins you get some good power back. For example, Affinity Photo’s software installs plugins with a lot of power into Photos for Mac.

  • MrSizzle

    Mail kinda sux. Spark is a good model.
    Photos made the experience worse.
    Put a keypad dialer for the phone on OS X!
    Sunrise is a good model for a great Calendar experience.

  • I’ve heard a lot of people complain about Mail, but I personally haven’t had too much trouble with it beyond the occasional crash. Still, it’s a major program to have so many complaints about. For me, though, iTunes is clearly a mess. It could use some real attention towards improving the user experience (by which I mean, make it simpler).

    • MaH

      Careful with the iTunes request of making it simpler. It could end up like Photos.

  • Danny-wa

    iTunes on Mac and Music on iOS need to step back a generation. What was the point of splitting up the various stores? I can find things because I’m experienced but what about someone who isn’t? Also, why doesn’t iCloud work the way it’s supposed to across all of my devices? What am I doing wrong?

  • @winmaciek

    1. iTunes and Apple Music. The last good version of iTunes was 10. This UI with side view is terrible. Apple Music on iPhone is also terrible.
    2. I miss iPhoto on iOS – Photos offer maybe 5% of its functionality.
    3. iOS performance – the last good version was 6.
    4. They should also bring back old style UI or maybe make some significant changes to the current one, especially on iOS.
    5. Make Siri available in more countries (Poland) ;–)

  • Elias Chao

    Where’s the “Fix iOS’s overall performance on iPhones pre-6s” option?

    • jonath_n

      Agreed. Apple needs to just “fix iOS,” in general.

  • GaelicSoxFan

    Photos on Mac (it’s a step up from iPhoto, but still awful). Maps on iOS is getting better but still pretty glitchy.

  • Ricardo Campelo de Magalhaes

    Needs more details and sync control for Sales Reps like me, who has 3.000+ contacts on my phone.

    For example, why my new contacts go to Google contacts and therefore are not iCloud updatable and synced? Drives me nuts…

    • growmac

      That’s an option – you specify the default for new contacts. Go in and change it to iCloud.

      • Ricardo Campelo de Magalhaes

        Great advice. Thank you very much.
        Contacts still has sync issues, though.
        And it lacks same easy-organization features, specially after the Bento downfall.

      • growmac

        Oh I agree, only meant that there was a fix for that specific problem. I’ve never had sync issues, it works perfectly for me. If only iMessage was similar.

  • Daniel Fundarek

    I vote for OSX Server. It uses outdated libraries, and is half broken. It gets worse withe every single new release.

  • Apple should seriously fix AirDrop on El Capitan to connect Mac with iPhone. Never seen AirDrop working in El Capitan though WiFi and Bluetooth are switched on on both devices. However, it worked well with Yosemite.

  • Jose F.

    Apple should start by killing Connect and doing a cleanup on Music, making some of the buttons bigger would be nice too.

    Just copy Calendars5 and Spark from Readdle to Calendar and Mail.

  • Thomas Kjeldsen

    The stability of especially OS X.
    And the reliability of iCloud synchronization. Several times, I have lost a note in Notes, and oftentimes I will get duplicates of the same note.

    • Mike

      Amen to that. I do like the enhancements made to Notes…but it is very frustrating when the notes I’ve added on my iPhone don’t easily sync to my iMac. I’ve had to go so far as to reboot the iMac to resolve this.

  • Stefan

    All of the above.

    I have issues across the board and it’s not funny.

    It’s almost at a point where they might as well wipe the slate clean and start afresh. iTunes is a case in point. It’s a mess of biblical proportions. El Capitan is so friggin buggy, with many bugs carrying over from past versions that never get fixed.

    Even iOS is starting to feel outdated, and frustrating, too limited and mind boggling. Podcasts app is shit, Remote app is missing features, Music app needs work, and so on.

    And iCloud…… oh dear.

    • UZ

      Agree. Se my comments above.

  • Lucus Bendzsa

    I have never had a ” there is a problem with this webpage so it was reloaded” until iOS 9.

  • bdkennedy11

    I’ve received this message on all of my devices for the past 2 years and it never goes away unless I shut off iCloud Keychain. “An approval request has been sent to your other devices using iCloud keychain.”

    • Lucus Bendzsa

      This is sooo annoying!

  • Lucus Bendzsa

    How about a 2 free years of Apple Music for all new iPhone 7 buyers.

  • Andrew

    What bothers me the most is disconnecting VNC and having the screen saver on the remote machine instantly start. It overrides all screen saver / energy settings. Maybe I’m part of a small percentage of people who need this to NOT happen, but it never happened before El Capitan. Can’t find any way around it.

  • Martin Dobson

    The biggest issues I come across is stuff relating to iCloud across all my devices. Notifications not clearing on an iPhone if you’ve acknowledged them on OSX or iPad (or other way around), iCloud backup constantly failing: my devices are always locked while charging but I constantly get the “this device hasn’t been iCloud backed up in X amount of weeks”

    Podcast syncing has been getting better, So has home sharing. Which used to be my two biggest gripes. I sometimes still have to disable/enable the wifi on my OSX to get my iTunes movies to show up on the AppleTV again. All in all though, I’d have to say that Apple has been getting better, I just wish that their OS incremental releases were full of features too instead of keeping them for a larger update once a year.

    There aren’t many new features I’d like in new OS. Just squash some bugs to make everything work seamless.

  • solak

    I don’t use every Apple app, but I know for certain that iTunes on the Mac was much better a decade ago. I am a software developer who has both created new applications as well as shepherding software (both that I wrote and that others wrote) in maintenance mode for years. I recognize very clearly in iTunes the symptoms of an old program being maintained by folks who did not build it:

    • Many updates fix bugs by disabling features instead of making them work better. I used to be able to open multiple playlists, each in their own window, and then drag tracks across between them. Now the interface is locked into a one-window mode, apart from specialty displays like Downloads.

    • This app is multi-threaded, and has been from the start (it has always at least played music while you could still poke the UI to change playlists and such), but many activities (especially those connecting to iDevices) block the UI with a beach-ball cursor for many seconds or even minutes. For example, when I plug in an iPod or iPhone to USB, iTunes will not respond to the play/pause button, so if I get a phone call at that moment, I have to mute the sound at the whole-computer level until I can get the playback to stop. This is a clear indication that features were added without understanding the app’s architecture (probably model-view-controller, though it’s possible that it was built pre-MVC and it’s that difference from modern style that confuses the current developers, especially if the iTunes bones are a pre-MVC kludge, and that’s the problem). Some operations are apparently running in the wrong thread.

    Burn it to the ground and start over.

  • Ben

    spell checker getting worse each version

    • TrueNorth_Steve

      not worse but aggressive – especially when i am typing in the address bar of safari.

      • Ben

        agressive and wrong the spell checker never used to give me much grief at all now i have a huge list of added words and it’s worse than ever lately its been correcting names incorrectly and i haven’t been to type an acronym without using the caps lock key since mavericks. should be any autocorrect in an address field if you ask me.

  • Jad sarkis

    Dear gents, my biggest problems are not listed in the polls … As I am facing with my Mac and iPhone and iPad an AirPlay issue with the Apple TV and an airdrop issue between all devices

  • Christopher Murray

    Mail, Siri, Calendar, & Maps sadly all are in need of a desperate overhaul or update.

  • William Beets

    Mail (on all platforms), the iOS Music app, Podcast app (commit to it or stop), Touch ID (if I have to put in my password 40% of the time, then whats the use in Touch ID?), Photos (Its buggy. By the way, if you make yet another Photos app to replace this one, then I’m done for good), AirDrop (there are times when it simply does not work…at all).

    • jamsden

      El Capitan USB, Firewire connectivity issues CoreAudio and CoreMIDI issues, and Wifi instability

  • Greg Woods

    sounds like the complaints are based on not on the software, but on the fact that the software is not something else. If you want to use Outlook — use it. Personally, I love Mail and Calendar, they work great for me. Numbers and Pages – much better than Excel and Word — because they are easy and straightforward!

    I find the if you want apple software to be microsoft software, for example, you will be frustrated. And if you are, maybe you should choose another option. I honestly prefer the clean and elegant style of apple software, and to me a lot of microsoft stuff seems written with no overall user interface style in mind. True, I have to use the features and functions as they are intended, but that is usually a very straightforward way to go.

  • Richard Liu

    Why there’s no Finder in the list ? I want double-click to open new window and colored file name label back. I want folder always on top in list view. TotalFinder and XtraFinder is totally annihilate by El Caption as the developers just disappeared 6 months ago, leaving lots of problems unfixed.

  • Andrew H

    They need to fix the software on PLUS model iPhones!

    So many bugs that still haven’t been fixed since release.

    Music/Podcasts/Calendar are all full of lag and multiple bugs on PLUS models, yet don’t have the same issue on other iOS devices.

    During call issues are bad on PLUS models too.

    Also, bring preview to iOS! :D

  • Sacha

    OS X El Capitan and iOS 9 have smoothed out almost all of the major bugs, but there is still one app full of bugs. iTunes on Mac and Music on iOS! These apps have great potential with Apple Music, but they both need to be completely redone.

  • Kai Wang

    Fix iCloud. I use the Notes app and a lot of times, the syncing between my iPhone and my Mac is painfully slow. Sometimes two versions of the same note show up, sometimes the note gets deleted etc…maybe I should switch to Evernote, but all my notes are already in the Notes app..sigh.

  • MaH

    Fix Numbers and Pages.

  • Gary L. Wade

    Apple has more than one employee working for it, and if the priorities are there, they can fix a lot of things at the same time that have been left undone for quite a while.

  • emcampbe

    Where is Photos on the iOS list. Sure, Mail, maps, Music, etc. has its issues, but that has my vote (even if only a write in). I can’t even figure out how the albums imported from Mac photos are organized – except certainly not by date – only seems random. Ditto for the photos in my camera roll (mix of photos taken on my phone, saved from other sources like Amazon Photos, etc.) Any software with these kind of bugs has real problems – when even the basic stuff is a fail (and stuff that Apple used to be great at!)

    At least I’m glad others are noticing the problems. I’ve found over the last 2 – 3 years or so, I think I’ve had more interaction with Apple support, probably per year, in that time then I’ve had in the previous 15 years combuned.

  • HoudiniDave

    They should fix El Capitan and iOS. Not sure why iOS isn’t a choice in the poll.

  • Mr. Carlson

    I wanted to choose music for iOS but i can’t without putting Siri as my main choice. There is no reason, under any circumstances, that the Google app on iPhone can understand me better than Siri. Also, a personal assistant does not need to be so damn snarky with me all the time.

    For the other poll, iTunes on PC has been wretched for years. I honestly avoid it unless i want to play an album on my computer for a special occasion. The UI is garbage, its performance is non existent, and its been like this for way too long.

    Everything else I’d like to see fixed are the obvious; iOS Mail, iOS Photos, Podcasts (I’d even love for it to go back to the Music app like the good old days), App Store (Even Google has better organization), Contacts, Weather, and News.

    All of the iOS apps seem to have become such a mess because they’re either too simple or too complex. I’m tired of having to be forced with these apps on my phone while I still have to go download alternatives for everything. If 2015 was the year Apple could introduce a bunch of new products, I think 2016 is the year they get their software together. If they don’t it’s going to be a lot harder to stick with Apple products on a day to day basis, and I dread the day I have to switch over to Android on my phone because it’s much further ahead.

  • vf02

    Time Capsule, for a company that believe in “it must simply works” they haven’t use it in a while because it does not simply works

  • Dainius Psitulskis

    The richest company in the world: it releases updates to all of its apps only several months after a new OS is released. it is just a poor organisation of things.

  • Brent Heber

    I just read all the comments and not a single mention of the craptastic, completely broken 100% reproducibly fail work parental controls. Are there no parents here at all? You make all these permissions and none of them talk from mac to ios and the time settings dont work and accounts constantly lock up. Its total crap and has been for years and every update I make new accounts for my neices and set it all up again and yet again it never works as it should. Parental controls needs some love!! Please!
    And photos app is a pita workflow as well. Having to tag everything in order to use it, as events are gone and albums are just not good enoug and moments cant be edited. Fix it all please!

  • Drewtlo

    I think they should focus on iCloud. It is the single most common problem I end up fixing on my family’s iOS and OS X devices. Devices disconnect and need credentials again. Mail stops working. iMessages randomly resets account preferences, or refuses to take valid credentials altogether. It’s frustrating, and wonky as hell.

  • There are so many broken pieces in both OS’s as well as iCloud it’s tough to list them all. However, it seem to me that Mac OS is being neglected, either because of in-house issues or because so much of Apple’s income is coming from the iPhone and iOS.

    iCloud syncing isn’t consistent across all apps

    Safari in Mac OS crashes too often

    When will News come out for Mac OS? Ever?

    Buy Fantastical already and upgrade Calendar on all platforms

    Time Capsules should back up iOS devices rather than pushing people to buy more cloud storage to back up. Doing it in iTunes is a kludge.

    Document the use of USB hard disks attached to AirPort Extreme routers for use as home-made Time Capsules (documentation is piecemeal)

    Location manager in Mac OS has issues

    Fix AirDrop

    Either fix Mac OS widgets or get rid of them entirely

    Keychain application in Mac OS is a pain to use, needs overhaul and keychain doesn’t work consistently

    iBooks in Mac OS is terrible

    iTunes needs to be gutted

    iOS asks for passcode instead of touchID occasionally (saying it’s been over 48 hours when in fact it hasn’t)

    iOS countdown timer is a poor design

    In short, Apple needs to continue to tighten this stuff up. The bigger and more complex their ecosystem gets, the tougher it will be.

    I’m not sure about bringing back Aperture but Photos is terrible and needs a lot of work.

  • Sean McCabe

    I think the biggest problem is that Apple now releases a new OS every year. It is so unnecessary to do this. They don’t even get to perfect the OS they just leave it to die and on to the next one for the next year. I think the best running OS was snow leopard because they had few years to work with it and by the end of it’s cycle they had every bug worked out and it just ran flawlessly. I just recently downgraded my MacBook from El Capitan back to Mountain Lion because it made most of my 3rd party software unusable.

  • Ricardo M.

    Sad… # of voters by country = proportion of GDP by country…

  • herbaled

    Contacts is TERRIBLE and hasn’t been updated in many years … if ever. Can’t change fonts or the font size; font is very small; things delete too easily; etc., etc., etc.

  • Bobba Fett

    Sadly, most the applications, whether iOS or Mac, needs to be updated.

    Photos – still behind in my opinion as compared to competitors like Google Photos.

    Mail – the entire user interface needs to be updated; there’s still the ongoing issue of silent filtering; issues of poor spam filtering; badge notifications don’t update when an email is read.

    iTunes/Music – don’t really use it but have encountered problems with it, e.g. this device hasn’t been backed up in x number of days error.

    Calendar/Contacts – need to be updated and are way behind as compared to Google Contacts & Google Calendar.

    Maps – don’t get me started on that one! Still far behind Google Maps with no sight of catching up.

    Haven’t had any problems with Safari and El Capitan but who knows…

  • Richard Liu

    YOU did not have this problem doesn’t mean that everybody else won’t have the same situation. That’s what YOU said. In MY case I’d ONLY have this problem on my home DESKTOP computer. And I can definitely TELL you this is NOT LIMITED to iOS ONLY.

    In my experience as a profession this problem is definitely related to internet connection. Could possibly caused by unsuccessful SSH handshaking due to expired (or broken) certificate record or whatever. The “right” fix to this is to clear all the SSH and TCP connection caches within your running system and try again. Disable and re-enable internet connection is the fastest way to do this. Otherwise, reboot the system is also feasible. Relaunch the email app or even resetting your account information is not guarantee since your SSH and TCP connection status might be still cached by your system kernel. It’s highly possible that the error status would remain.

    In short, it’s pure luck that you’re able to “fix” the error situation by resetting your account. Just like blowing into Nintendo cartridges.

    • HBTonly

      “And never heard such complains from all my friends who’d ask me to “fix” their ”
      computer whenever something goes wrong.” -That’s what YOU said.

      You obviously haven’t read the links I provided, and have no idea what you are talking about, or are just lying.

      Additionally, deleting and re-adding of accounts has immediately solved the error 100% of the time, until the next occurrence which eventually manifests, at unpredictable time intervals. Nobody wants to do it, but it works.

      Since you have nothing of value to add, I suggest you troll elsewhere.

  • farsighted

    Apple should fix their wi-fi and update their Apple Extreme/Time Capsule firmware. It’s a disgrace. I ended up having to buy a new Netgear R8000 router because we (apparently) have too many online devices and the Apple Time Capsule unit I have just can’t handle it… I have incredibly fast wifi too…. problems all started with the El Captain update… meh Horrible software…

  • Paul Clark

    iTunes / Apple Music on OSX/iOS/Apple TVs is a MESS:

    * iTunes on OSX; thats where users find Apple Music and can purchase content and buy iOS apps.

    * iOS iTunes is just a store for buying content; unlike OSX. Separate apps for “Music app” “App Store” and “Videos app”. Apple Music app is difficult to master let alone use.

    * Apple TV4 -Another different set of apps: “Music app”. “Movies iTunes” and “tvshows iTunes” apps.

    * Apple TV 2&3 – Similar apps, but Music app doesn’t support Apple Music. That makes sense, really?

    iOS Remote for “iTunes OSX” does NOT support Apple Music, but lets you control an iTunes version that has Apple Music account. Dumb.

    iTunes Match – Whats up with that? users see it popping up still in options and menus, but kind of replaced by iCloud and Apple Music, but not really. Whats its role going forward? Its still available but how does it integrrate with the confusion between apps shown above.

    And backup iOS devices happens either on the device in system prefs (not iTunes like OSX) or you can use iTunes for OSX for a local backup; All of this is messy for newby users to feel confident about the most important thing: backups of their devices.

    Apple Music and iTunes is a mess of mulitple apps across multiple devices that leads to confusion and frustration, which challenges the belief that using Apple products is easy. Easy to use perhaps individually, but becoming very disconnected between platforms.

  • RustySabre

    Hey, why isn’t iTunes on the iOS list? Yeah, I’m still running an iPad 2 because I can’t afford to upgrade, but that doesn’t mean iTunes’ performance should be sup-par on that device. Sometimes it can take up to half an hour between the time I launch the app and I can actually use it, and forget about trying to redeem a promo code on-device any more. This has been busted at least since iOS 8, though I think it was starting to have problems in iOS 7 as well.

  • gypsy

    How about the FINDER

  • I don’t know where to start. Everything on OSX and IOS has progressively gotten worse, especially the syncing between them. It used to be flawless to have my photos, music, and books synced. Now, none of them are properly synced. I have no idea what is going on with the photos. I gave up trying as sometimes my Recents are photos from 2 years ago.

    And Books, I haven’t got a clue what is even supposed to be going on there. I used the Itunes option to move them to IBooks and they are set up to sync..I’ll get some and not others. Also gave up.

    Gave up on mail, contacts, and calender as well. Just the other day, I sent a rare email on my Ipad only to hear the swoosh sound of it actually sending a day later.

    I absolutely dread IOS updates now as well. Between my 2 Ipads and an Ipad Mini, one is guaranteed to crash during the upgrade. The last update of IOS took running the battery dead before it finally stopped boot looping so I could restore it. Both ecosystems have dropped dramatically in quality over a fairly short period of time.

    Apple used to pride themselves on being able to provide an ecosystem that could handle everything so customers didn’t need or want to use other products. Now, I’ve had to resort to spreading things out across Windows, Android, and Blackberry just to have reliable methods of handling data. I can’t count on my Macs or my Ipads exclusively anymore. (I honestly don’t think my Ipad had ever crashed before IOS 7..now, it reboots itself at least 4 times per day minimum.)

    They don’t need polls to pick 1 or 2 things. The problems are widespread and linked across both OS’s. Fix it all. Oh, and while they are at it, fix the whole iCloud account setup so you can link accounts or change old ones so having one for iCloud and one for iTunes from years ago isn’t such a confusing mess.

    • Chris

      iCloud + Photos is a huge mess and headache. Why does it take days, maybe even weeks, to upload your photos to iCloud? Aren’t we in the 21st century? I mean, weeks to upload your large photo library to iCloud? Why can’t Apple invest more money to fix their prized iCloud platform?
      Not to mention, making iCloud as a true cloud storage backup like Dropbox or Google Drive. Many folks are puzzled by the fact that if you delete a photo from their iPhone, it should be deleted from their phone and free up space. However, that isn’t the case because if you delete a photo from your phone, you delete it from all devices and iCloud. What’s the point of having iCloud anyway if it’s not a true cloud storage platform.