Apple TV now finds PBS shows with universal Siri search


Now find PBS Kids shows with your Siri Remote.
Now find PBS Kids shows with your Siri Remote.
Photo: Rob LeFebvre/Cult of Mac

It looks like Apple has expanded its killer Apple TV feature again, with Siri searches now turning up shows from PBS and PBS Kids.

This is the first sighting of the universal search feature finding results from more than just the apps included in Apple TVs initial launch, which included iTunes, Hulu, Netflix, HBO, and Showtime.

Now when you ask your Siri Remote to find shows that are available on PBS and PBS Kids, like the show about that curious monkey, you’ll see another option to watch via the Apple TV screen.

Apple Music support was added to the universal search feature just this past December in an update; this current functionality may have also been included at that point. It’s also possible that other apps have had their own support added in that update, or that there’s been a change to the core API, which lets developers add the functionality in their own apps.

Either way, it’s great seeing the promise of universal search; no longer are you limited to searching within specific apps like Netflix or iTunes to find the show or movie you want. A simple Siri search will provide many more options than you might even know you have.

Let us know if you find any more apps in your own Siri searches; we’ve reached out to Apple for comment.

Via: Apple Insider