iPhone 7 Plus battery life could make Apple’s Smart Battery Case obsolete


You might never need one of these again with the iPhone 7 Plus.
You might never need one of these again with the iPhone 7 Plus.
Photo: Apple

The iPhone 6s Plus is already a monster phone. It boasts a 2,915mAh battery that can last up to two full days without recharging. But battery life could get even better with the iPhone 7 Plus. And storage space? It could double.

A new report from the often reliable Chinese site MyDrivers, citing sources in the Asian supply chain, says that the iPhone 7 Plus will improve over its predecessor in two key ways: storage and battery life.

Message from the supply chain, Apple will launch iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus two products this year, the same screen size is still 4.7 / 5.5 inches, but the configuration will be improved. The most important is, iPhone 7 Plus 256GB capacity will be exclusive, it would be in addition to the screen size and battery capacity, it is the biggest difference with the iPhone 7 lies. In addition, it is said iPhone 7 Plus battery capacity will reach 3100mAh, more than iPhone 6S Plus of 2750mAh.

Couple the improved battery life with Apple’s new A11 SoC, which will likely be even more efficient at delicately sipping power, and the iPhone 7 Plus could improve significantly on even the iPhone 6s Plus. And more storage is always a plus. I’d rather see Apple double or even quadruple the storage on the 16GB iPhone 7 than double it on the high-end, though. What about you?

Source: MyDrivers

  • Kev

    There is no need to double or triple the 16 GB iPhone. There is a huge market for people who need the lower-end iPhone. If you need more storage, you simply buy a larger capacity iPhone. It’s your own fault if you buy this device and then need more storage.

    • imronburgundy


      • SBacklin

        I agree. They can start with 32GB and keep the same price point.

      • rebman

        Yep. I think the minimum should be 32GB. Paying an additional $100 to go from 32 to 64 is dumb. But here we are.

    • United States of Bonerland

      What, do you work for Apple’s marketing? It costs Apple virtually nothing to start at 32GB hardware instead of 64GB. The real cost would be in their insane profit margins on higher-capacity devices. (You know how there’s a $20 difference between 64GB and 128GB flash drives? Those betray the low cost of the hardware difference in storage. That means Apple’s charging 4x market rate for the size increase.)

      My real question is this: why would someone be emotionally invested *against* a bump in base storage?

  • bitbank

    I’ve been using the 6S+ for about a month and I can comfortably go 3-4 days of light using and 2+ days of heavy usage on a charge. A slight increase (versus decrease) in battery life is always appreciated, but I think they’ve reached a good point with the 6S+ already.

  • Malcolm

    guys, are you serious? battery in a case?
    apple should review their batery technology
    there are already technologies in Europe for battery that can recharge itself in seconds

    • Alan349

      how that batery calls? where possible to buy it?

      • Malcolm

        Google NEUTRINO INC. Its a company that have revolutionary technology. They are developing many prodcuts now which includes battery that charges itself
        They are still developing their products to push them into market, so you have to wait a little)
        google NEUTRINO INC or Holger Thorsten Schubart – he is a CEO of the NEUTRINO INC

  • Diego

    Add apple pencil support and split screen.

  • Martyn

    “iPhone 7 plus battery life could make apples smart battery case obsolete”. Of course it will, the iPhone 7 will be a different design.

  • Robert K.

    The smart battery case for the 6/6s Plus is already obsolete as they don’t make one for it due to the already superior battery life vs the 6/6s. It’s available only for the 6/6s.

    • Eisenhorn1976

      The Smart Battery Case is only for the 6/6s. Apple didn’t release one for the 6s Plus so I’m wondering what the point of this article is. You can’t make a product that never came out ‘obsolete.’ Sometimes, I think these cultofmac articles are written by Android fanbois.

      • gk

        Android police is one of the better sites. I think you meant Android central.

      • Eisenhorn1976

        They still rip Apple unnecessarily. They’re definitely smarter than the Android Central people (a shame because their sister site, Windows Central is one of the better Windows sites on the web) but they still can’t get out of their parochial mindset.

  • BruceW

    This article is obsolete as there is no battery case for the Plus version of any iPhone. Neither Plus needs a battery case which is why Apple didn’t make one.
    Also, the 7 will probably be a new design and make the previous versions’ battery case obviously obsolete.

    Appreciate the new info, but learn to frame it better.

  • MarcMacWebb

    Never have I been able to go more than 24 hours on a single iPhone 6+ or 6s+. I guess I must be considered a “heavy user”. Even with Low Power mode, I’m reaching for the charger around 8p.

  • Glenn Gore

    This is funny because the Apple battery case shown isn’t even for the 6S+, it is for the 6S. The 6S+ has excellent battery life as it is, and that’s the reason Apple did not make a battery case for it. The article has no basis other than speculation as to storage and battery life of an upcoming iPhone 7+

  • ndk

    Shouldn’t it be A10 SoC ?

  • BB BB

    64 128 and 256 should be the new tiers or 512 for the hard core.

    16gb is almost an 8gb phone if you consider the base OS and even just the iWork / iMove suite you’re struggling for space by the time the first update hits.

  • CKing Pro

    A10 chip? Type there. More battery life is always better

  • dfs

    An increased battery size in iPhon 7 would translate into longer battery life only if Apple doesn’t introduce any changes that involve greater drain on the battery. Otherwise, this change will be made for the benefit of their own engineers, not the end user.

  • Cold_dead_fingers

    John, I’m saying this because I generally like CoM, though I mainly visit because I like the CultCast so much, but your reporting skills are terrible. It seems like you don’t really care, so I don’t understand why you still write here.

    1. There is not battery case for the 6 Plus or 6s Plus.

    2. The battery capacity for the 6s Plus is not 2915mAh; that’s for the 6 Plus. The 6s Plus capacity is roughly 2700mAh.

    3. The SoC in the iPhone 6s is the A9, so why would it jump to an A11? It could just be a marketing ploy, but even then, why post about a jump in the number scheme if it’d ultimately have no effect on the quality of the SoC?

    Man, I don’t mean to offend you. I just really don’t know why you still write for Cult of Mac. The quality of your articles no longer match the others.