Samsung is taking its patent fight with Apple to the Supreme Court


Samsung is making a last ditch effort to avoid paying Apple.
Samsung is making a last ditch effort to avoid paying Apple.
Photo: Jim Merithew / Cult of Mac

Samsung agreed to finally pay Apple $548 million for the patent infringement case the iPhone-maker won way back in 2012, but it appears Samsung has had a change of heart and is now taking the fight to the U.S. Supreme Court.

The company filed a 219-page appeal to the Supreme Court today, claiming that the way U.S. courts handle patent lawsuits isn’t fair because juries aren’t given enough information on how to understand the patents. Samsung is also disputing the way patent damages are calculated, noting that if multiple firms sue a company for design patent issues, the company could have to pay multiple times the profit they actually made.

“Samsung is escalating this case because it believes that the way the laws were interpreted is not in line with modern times,” Samsung said in a statement obtained by Recode. “If the current legal precedent stands, it could diminish innovation, stifle competition, pave the way for design patent troll litigation and negatively impact the economy and consumers.”

Apple was due to receive Samsung’s payment for patent infringement today, however a clause in the two companies’ agreement stipulates that Apple would have to repay the money if the Supreme Court picks up the appeal.

The Supreme Court appeal is Samsung’s last ditch effort to come away with a win in the legal war that has spanned four continents. It’s unlikely that the court will pick up the case as it’s incredibly selective, but if they did it could possibly lead to some overdue changes with the patent system.

You can read Samsung’s full appeal below:

Samsung vs Apple – Samsung's Appeal to the Supreme Court

  • GaelicSoxFan

    FFS. Just cough it up.

  • Michael

    Is this real life? Does Samsung really think that their willful infringement should go unpunished? I would be more inclined to side with them, had they not created a PowerPoint presentation that step-by-step lays out how they plan to copy Apple.

    • igorsky

      What’s sickening to me is the amount of people who attack Apple over this case for having the nerve to defend their intellectual property. Wonder how some of these same attackers would react if Samsung were stealing their work.

  • igorsky

    I love how Samsung sites “innovation” in a case for which they were found guilty of copying. Clowns.

  • BoltmanLives


    • CelestialTerrestrial

      But if Apple owns IP and Samsung violates it, then Apple can sue Samsung. Same thing applies when someone owns IP and someone else violates it. It’s the way IP law works. I think the Supreme Court is just going to side with the previous ruling.

      • BoltmanLives

        I think APPL tries to patent everything, they would patent air if the could so I have no sympathy for them

      • Merckel

        Ridiculous. Have YOU ever created anything? Doubtful. If you had, you would likely to the same thing to prevent serial copiers like Samsung from churning out replicas of your work without compensation. How anyone can buy anything from Scamsung is beyond me.

      • BoltmanLives

        Oh give me a break as if APPL ever invented anything they did not steal…. Check TED to see Multi-touch on display a full year before iphone…OH and Xerox for the idea for the Mac…. Or Mac OS for stealing Vista design. Apple steal and marks up the IP and passes on the margins to its customers that aren’t that smart.

      • Mark Trites

        the boltman troll lives on a mac based website, go figure lol..

      • igorsky

        How about the modern smartphone??

        Amusing when dumb people try to act smart.

      • Merckel

        On balance, Apple has been FAR more innovative than its copycat competitors. You’re blinded by your hate for a great American company.

      • BoltmanLives

        A great American comapny..oh give me a freaking break. If anything Apple has destroyed America between its abusive margin and upping Smartphone costs to the consumer by 5x, dumbing down America with consumption devices and thwarting National security by going half-cocked off on privacy and encryption BS to sell more phones.

        The make as much money as possible overpricing everything preying on stupid Americans and storing all their proceeds offshore trying to skimp on taxes, They build all their devices in China with sweatshop labor.

        Oh they are sweethearts, America is way better off without companies like Appl

      • Merckel

        lol. Enjoy your inner mind, as confused as it is.

    • Yes, all the while Samsung’s phones continue to lose them money every month, and Apple takes home 95% of the profits. There’s plenty there for Samsung to laugh about. You probably condone looting as a good way for poor people to get their fair share of the American dream.

      • BoltmanLives

        And there we go with the Apple fanboi glorifying Apple’s abusive margins again on cue. Don’t you get it fanboi the reason Apple make 95% or has the world largest cash reserves is on the backs of stupid buyers who pay top dollar for stolen tech…now who’s laughing at who.

        BTW before you think I’m some Samsung lagdroid hack ,I carry a Lumia 640 I paid $29 for 1/30th the cost of the latest iPhone and it runs a real OS Windows 10 + removable all day battery + Micro SD card.

        I would not ditz Android either they own 85% of the mobile market globally.

        The sun is going down on APPL lots of stinkers lining up.

      • OK, enjoy your Lumia. I’m sure it will give you years of excellent service. I’m glad you’re such a smart shopper and bargain hunter, and that Apple couldn’t pull the wool over your eyes. You’re much too smart for that. Now, go away and quit bothering people who actually like Apple products and think the prices are in line with the quality and functionality they receive. You enjoy what you like and we’ll enjoy what we like and we’ll all have a happy Christmas.

      • BoltmanLives

        You started it with saying I condone looting? Why don’t you simply admit Samsung has a right to have the Supreme Court try the case and that very well Apple may lose the case as they themselves stole IP. Deal?

      • PMB01

        Only if you agree that you’re a moronic troll who has no clue what he’s talking about.

      • BoltmanLives

        That would be lying so no

      • PMB01

        Like I’m gonna listen to an ignorant troll like you. You don’t seem to have any issues with lying about facts. Try saying something correct for once, moron.

      • BoltmanLives

        Ok ….Apple has abusive margins on ever product they sell, they think of margins prior to developing a product and expect to make 40% profit on everything or more (see edition watch $17K) .

      • PMB01

        Whenever you’re ready to say some. Still waiting….

  • “…. to the Supreme Court~”

    Lawyers on both sides celebrate their luck.

  • Translation: If we make ourselves annoying enough, competitors won’t even dream about taking us to court when we steal their ideas. There will be lots of innovation from other companies that we can then lift without fear of future consequences.

  • PMB01

    Last desperation move for Samsung. The SC will pass on it and Samsung will finally have to pay for their stealing of Apple’s IP. Give up Samsung; you lost the smartphone war to Apple long ago.