We might have the name wrong of the next 4-inch iPhone


The next 4-inch iPhone might be the iPhone 7c, not 6c?
The next 4-inch iPhone might be the iPhone 7c, not 6c?
Photo: MIC Gadget

This may not be worth much more than the pixels it’s written on, especially since usually accurate analyst Ming-ChiKuo says it’s coming early next year, but a new rumor out of China says the next 4-inch iPhone won’t be the iPhone 6c… it’ll be the iPhone 7c.

MIC Gadget – a website that is pretty good at spotting trends and weird Apple news out of China, but not quite as good at nailing upcoming rumors – claims that a source within Foxconn says that while everything we’ve heard about the next 4-inch iPhone is true (Apple Pay, metal housing, A9 chip, $400-$500 price), it won’t come out in February, as is being predicted. It will instead come out in September, alongside the iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus, and Apple will call it the iPhone 7c, positioning it as a smaller budget model in the current line-up.

In some ways, this makes sense. Apple introduced the iPhone 5c alongside the iPhone 5s in September, so it’s not unprecedented to position the ‘budget’ iPhone alongside the newer models with a similar model number. On the other hand, this rumor flies against everything else we’ve heard about the iPhone 6c so far. So unless you hear this corroborated elsewhere, you might want to be skeptical of this rumor for now.

Source: MIC Gadget

  • Hildebrand

    We need a no compromise 4″ iPhone 7, not a budget one.

  • aaloo

    If it gets released with the the iPhone 7, it needs to have the same professor and stuff, otherwise people who want to get a 4 inch phone might be swayed to get the bigger phone simply because it has way more goodies. Not having OIS is one thing, but can’t be missing other key features. Can’t really call it 7c then. I think it’ll be 6c and released earlier. Allows apple to keep the momentum going in traditionally slow quarters post holidays. On the other hand, there is risk of consumer fatigue if it’s too close to iPhone 7 launch just like no one really cares about Samsung phone launches anymore coz so many happen randomly one after another.