Review: Klipsch R6i reference on-ear headphones

Klipsch on-ear headphones deliver crisp, clear, booming sound


These lightweight cans deliver heavy sound.
These lightweight cans deliver heavy sound.
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Best List: Reference R6i On-Ear Headphones by Klipsch

Sometimes you just need a solid, great-sounding set of wired headphones. They don’t need to charge up like my Bluetooth favorites do, nor do they require pairing (or repairing, like several models I’ve used).

Earbuds are great, too, but for extended listening sessions, I prefer on-ear headphones. They are less sound-isolating — I don’t need to hear my own breathing all the time.

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Klipsch has taken the sound profile of its popular R6i earbuds and put it into an on-ear style, making for a killer set of lightweight headphones that lie flat and pretty much go with me everywhere.

The sound of these babies is heavier on the bass than a true set of reference or monitoring headphones, but it’s balanced out by clear mids and sparkling highs that don’t break up at higher volumes.

The ear cups are oval and fit my ears nicely; I don’t have any ear pain after hours of use, either with my iPhone or my PS4. The Klipsch Reference R6i On-Ear Headphones come with an in-line mic and volume controls (which, seriously, I never use), and the cable is sturdy enough that I don’t worry about it fraying.

All in all, they’re a great-sounding set of cans at a killer price.

Price: $99

Buy From: Amazon, Klipsch

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