Review: Sit-Stand Desktop Workstation will transform your desk

Transform your regular desk into a healthier standing one with this sturdy add-on


Testing in a the real world is always best.
Testing in a the real world is always best.
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Best List: Sit-Stand Desktop Workstation by Ergotron

I’ve got a love/hate relationship with standing desks. While I love the health benefits of standing, I seriously cannot stand at my desk all day every day. It needs to be easily adjustable.

Also, not all of us have the space for yet another desk in our homes or offices. Most of us have a regular, plain old desk. If you’re looking for a standing solution – you can convert that plain desk super easily with this Sit-Stand Desktop Workstation. It’s a heavy-duty, solid piece of work, and it sits right on top your regular desk. There’s room to strap on a monitor or two, or even just place your Macbook on top with an external keyboard and mouse below.

It’s got two little pinball-like flippers on either side; press them and the module raises up or down with very little effort needed. Even when it’s fully “down,” it provides a bit of a lift for your monitor or laptop, giving you better posture even while seated. It can hold 10–40 lbs of equipment and it will raise and lower 15 full inches. It’s a bit heavy to move around at 56 pounds, so don’t count on this as a portable solution. I set it up at my home office and a friend’s work desk and just left it there.

The Ergotron Sit-Stand Desktop Workstation will run you between $475 and $575, but it’s a heavy-duty workhorse that will last forever, or at least until you get sick of standing up for work. If you need to retro-fit your own desk at home or at work, and you want to be able to count on it to last, this is the one to get.

Price: $474
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