Adele may say goodbye to Spotify, hello to Apple Music


Adele won't say
Adele won't say "Hello" to Apple Music.

Spotify’s freemium service is about cause the company to lose out on another superstar album, according to a new rumor claiming Adele may remove her upcoming album, 25, from the Apple Music rival.

Beyonce and Taylor Swift also famously shunned the music service when they released their most recent albums.  The Verge reports that Adele’s team is eyeing a similar move after pushing Spotify to limit access to only paid subscribers but meeting resistance from the streaming giant.

Spotify’s loss could be Apple’s gain. Apple Music will carry 25 “within a few weeks of its release, if not on launch day,” Micah Singelton at the Verge. “Multiple sources also indicate that Apple Music tried to sign Adele for an exclusive release of 25 this past summer, but was rebuffed by the singer and her team.”

Spotify denies that Adele has rejected them though. In a statement released to The Verge, a senior executive at Spotify said, “It is categorically untrue that anyone has asked us to feature Adele’s new album on premium only.”

The report also claims British rock band Coldplay has not committed to putting its next album, A Head Full of Dreams, on Spotify yet either. Coldplay’s album is scheduled for it’s release on December 4th, while we’ll learn the fate of Adele’s album — projected to be the biggest seller of the year — when it touches down on Novemver 20th.

  • G1

    This is all so utterly ridiculous. Rich and famous artists snubbing the very fans who made them rich and famous. Pulling albums from Spotify robs millions of fans the opportunity to listen to your music, including those – like myself – who pay for the premium version of the service.

    I know it must be tough flying around in private jets, imagining all the low income people listening to your music (at random) for free, but suck it up for the good of your adoring, paying fans.

    • Bendy

      Music should not be free. Before the Internet there was no free music.

      • capncoad

        Spotify Free is ad supported, so revenue is shared with the artist. But I agree that Spotify needs to put their premium members first and ink these deals. No point denying a paying subscriber an anticipated album to try to please your less profitable non-paying users.

      • Uhu

        Sorry but thats just not true…there was always the possibility to copy music…the internet just made it easier

        If music should not be free…the musicians have to raise the quality of music to a higher level cuz this autotune bullshit is not worth the money!

      • elpardo

        No free music? Apart from the Radio you mean?
        It was pretty popular back in the day. Add a cassette recorder you’ve got free music whenever you want.
        Only difference is Spotify and other streaming is quantifiable and the record companies and their so called artists want to eek every penny out of consumers.

  • Collector

    As soon as I hear an artist pulls their music I take them out of my playlist. Even though I use Apple Music I will not bother with her new album and remove her songs from my playlist. Maybe if more fans did this to these artist and not go to concerts of artist that punish there fans they would appreciate them more. As long as fans that are treated as cheep wallets go to their concerts this will not end.

    • Bendy

      Have fun cutting good people out for no reason!

      • DrMuggg

        What else could a fan do? Except vote with your feet?
        It is probably the only thing asshole artists will understand, that fans go other ways.

      • Vu Viet Anh

        it’s really weird, it’s like people are expecting artists to sing for free…? I don’t get it. You get enjoyment out of your music listening experience, and yet if the artists want to be paid for the song, they are somehow evil.

        Spotify doesn’t bring in money, so they move to Apple music. How is that a crime?

        Would you do something for someone for free? Would you move to a different client because they pay better?

      • DrMuggg

        I was answering to “cutting good people for no reason”…

        That’s probably the only thing a fan can do if they are not happy with the performance of their idols.

        Myself; I prefer to use Apple Music before spotify. I like Apple, got the stuff needed to be VERY happy within that sphere – iPhone + iMac etc.

        The artists seems to get better deals from apple Music than Spotify and that must be a good thing.

        As far as do something for free, I do, but thats nothing I want to discuss here – it is pretty off topic.