This cute, colorful cartoon was animated entirely in Keynote


Who knew Keynote could make cartoons?
Who knew Keynote could make cartoons?
GIF by: Gizmodo

I’ll be honest: I doubt I know how to use Keynote, Apple’s presentation software, even to put together a few simple slides. But Linda Dong is such a Keynote master, she can put together whole animated movies using the iWork app!

It’s not a hugely sophisticated animation, true, but it’s bouncy, colorful, fun, and utterly watchable. And it seems unbelievable Dong managed to do it all within Keynote. About the project, she writes:

The available animations may seem basic, but they can get you through most situations. I primarily used default Keynote transitions for this video and very rarely had to set up custom animation paths. Using the Magic Move feature and some clever masking can get you through most complex transitions.

I don’t know what that exactly means – surely you Keynote masters in the comments will pipe up – but it’s got me tempted to load Keynote up. These days, I don’t make many presentations, but I could always use another fun animation tool.

Source: Linda Dong

Via: Gizmodo