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Funnyman Bill Hader spammed in new ‘Hey Siri’ ad


That burger looks tasty. And messy.
That burger looks tasty. And messy.
Photo: Apple

Bill Hader eats a hamburger while getting Siri to read him his email in this new fun video from Apple. The message from “Prince Oseph” offers Hader a life-changing opportunity, and having his iPhone read it really shows off the “Hey Siri” functionality in iOS 9.

Nerd cred: Obviously, Hader is using an iPhone 6s, because Hey Siri only works when not connected to power on the latest iteration of Apple’s flagship smartphone.

Check out the full ad below.

We’re not sure why Hader is devouring a delicious-looking burger while he reads his email, but it’s as good a reason as any to go hands-free and use Siri’s improved functionality.

Hey Siri debuted with iOS 9 this month, and it allows you to call for Apple’s popular voice-recognizing digital assistant when your iPhone is plugged in (unless you have a newer 6s or 6s Plus model) and the feature is enabled. It even works via the Apple Watch.

Hader’s no stranger to Apple vids, with this hilarious pre-WWDC video that Apple screened at the event itself this past June.

Here’s looking forward to seeing more of this funny guy in more Apple videos soon.