No rush in India to buy the iPhone 6s


Apple wants to dramatically improve its 2 percent share on the smartphone market in India.
Photo: Tim Cook/Twitter

The iPhone 6s hit shelves in India over the weekend – and on the shelves are where most of them stayed.

According to reports in that country, Apple saw lukewarm sales of the iPhone 6s and 6s Plus during launch there. With the cost on the entry level 16 GB iPhone 6 at $925, many analysts say Indian consumers may be waiting for prices to drop before upgrading.

The caution is understandable considering the average salary in India is under $300.

Running out of phones in 72 hours in India when it launched the iPhone 6 last year, Apple shipped more than three times as many 6s and 6s Plus phones for last weekend’s launch. Out of 165,000 units, Apple sold about 50,000 over the weekend, according to a report in Business Standard, India’s leading business news website.

The iPhone 6s costs 16 percent more than iPhone 6 when it first sold there last year.

While India is considered the third-largest market in the world for cell phone sales, according to the website phoneArena, many consumers pass up on Apple phones as a premium device and, instead, shop for more cost-effective smartphones.

Sales should pick up some over the next couple of weeks when, analyst predict, online retailers will drop prices.

Source: phoneArena and Business Standard